Saints Row IV

Saints Row IV


PlayStation 3
Deep Silver


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User Ratings: 47

Our Review: 8/10

Saints Row IV News



  • Who Would Win Wednesdays Duke Nukem vs. Johnny Gat

    Round 16

    This week's Who Would Win Wednesdays is yet another testosterone fuelled crossover, but realistically, it's hard to deviate from this formula when just about every personality in gaming marches around with a gun and swears at people. Nevertheless, we must soldier on after last week's clash saw a surprising turn of events. We would have bet...


  • News Save Santa from the Simulation in Seasonal Saints Row IV DLC

    Yule like this one

    North American developer Volition’s silly sandbox excursion Saints Row IV is set to refresh this winter with a spot of seasonal cheer. Fans of the open world adventure will be able to rip open a new add-on from 11th December, which will detail the Saints’ attempts to save Santa Claus from a Matrix-esque simulation. Judging by...

  • DLC Review Jerking Around in Saints Row IV: Enter The Dominatrix

    Strap off

    Since Saints Row: The Third, Volition's franchise has built itself up as the stupidest open world game available, constantly breaking the fourth wall, jamming popular culture references into just about every line of dialogue, and generally just being very, very self aware. Saints Row IV's first mission-based DLC comes in the form of Enter...





  • News Johnny Gat Is Back with a Vengeance in Saints Row IV

    Here's Johnny

    Much to the disappointment and rage of many, Volition decided to kill off fan favourite character Johnny Gat during the opening hour of Saints Row: The Third. Despite reappearing as a zombie later in the game, and as a giant mutant in the 'The Trouble with Clones' DLC, these cameos weren't really enough to appease the disgruntled...

  • News Saints Row IV Declares Its Independence with Ridiculous New Trailer

    "Welcome to Earth!"

    As if we needed any further convincing that the Saints Row franchise has gone completely insane, this new Independence Day trailer for Saints Row IV is probably the most ridiculous promotion that we've seen for the upcoming release thus far. Characteristically full of swearing, stupid dialogue, and explosions, our latest glimpse...


  • News Alien Anal Probe Ensures That Saints Row 4 Is Banned In Australia

    Causing trouble Down Under

    Saints Row: The Third became infamous for its dildo-shaped weapon, and it would appear that its sequel is trying to be even more tasteless. It showcases an item known as an "Alien Anal Probe", which can be inserted into the bottoms of unsuspecting foes. Unsurprisingly, the inclusion of this weapon has resulted in the game...


  • News Saints Row IV's Box Art Sets the Scene Surprisingly Well

    A picture paints a thousand words

    Could the box art for Saints Row IV possibly be any more perfect? It shows an image of the President of the United States – that’s you, by the way – sitting in a swish armchair in what appears to be the Oval Office, while a couple of gun-toting girls in pencil skirts point submachine guns at a giant energy...

  • News Saints Row IV's 'Merica Machine Gun Is Perfectly Patriotic

    Necessary artillery

    If there’s anything that Americans hate more than commies, it’s not being armed to the teeth. Fortunately, Saints Row IV’s wonderfully tongue-in-cheek ‘Commander in Chief’ special edition recognises that fact, bundling the ultimate ‘Merica machine gun. The Swiss army knife of firepower boasts mini-guns, flamethrowers,...

  • News Saints Row IV Aims to Make Politics Interesting Again

    Dubstep makes it possible

    Election campaigns are tedious, and developer Volition knows it. The world needs action, not another rousing speech – which is perhaps why Saints Row IV’s protagonist is the perfect fit for president. As opposed to empty promises and image enhancing drives, the character prefers to use his super powers for the good of...


  • News Saints Row IV Runs for President from 20th August

    Alien invasions and more

    Saints Row IV may have to compete with the juggernaut that is Gran Theft Auto V later this year – but at least it has a bonkers enough premise to back it up. The sequel sees the continuation of the story of the Third Street Saints, who have taken control of the free world due to the election of their leader as the...