Rapala Pro Bass Fishing News


  • Out Today Friday October 29th 2010 (Europe)

    Four titles inbound for Movers

    Today is one of the biggest release days of the calendar across all formats, so it's no surprise that PlayStation Move is also receiving a bumper crop of titles, with a stack of motion controlled games making their way to retailers across Europe. Televisual party game TV Superstars arrives alongside televisual shooting...

  • News Rapala Pro Bass Fishing Flops into Europe's Net on October 29th

    Fish are friends, not food

    Whilst we wait for Japanese fishing RPG Tsuritore, there's another scaly simulator on the way in the form of Rapala Pro Bass Fishing, swimming its way to Europe on October 29th. Already released in North America, the game comes with its own proprietary wireless rod controller but is also fully compatible with Move for all...