Release Date

PlayStation 3

  • US 19th Feb 2009
  • EU 19th Feb 2009
  • JP 19th Feb 2009


  • Review Noby Noby Boy (PlayStation 3)

    Where to start? Created by Katamari mastermind Keita Takahashi, you play as BOY, a small-worm like creature with four legs who can stretch almost infinitely

    His front legs are controlled with the left stick and his back legs with the right.  Essentially pulling the sticks apart will stretch BOY until he reaches the constraints of the randomly...


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Noby Noby Boy News

  • News Eccentric PS3 Exclusive Noby Noby Boy Has Been Completed

    You go GIRL

    Six years removed from its original release, Keita Takahashi's oddball girth giving sim Noby Noby Boy has been completed. For those unfamiliar with the loopy release, it tasked you with stretching your body so that you may give your length to GIRL, a cosmic entity on a trip around the solar system. Having visited Pluto, Mercury, Venus,...

About The Game

You and countless other BOYs across the world explore and interact with objects in dozens of surreal worlds, where play is limited only by the boundaries of your imagination! The more everyone stretches, the longer the whimsical character by the name of GIRL will grow—starting from Earth and reaching other planets in the Solar System, unlocking new levels along the way!