Number of Players
1 (Single Player)
Release Date

PlayStation 3

  • US 7th Dec 2006
  • EU 23rd Mar 2007
  • JP 1st Dec 2006
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Lemmings News

  • News Patched for Move: Lemmings (PSN)

    Out for nowt

    After a partially pleasing appearance as part of Move Mind Benders, the original PSN release of Lemmings has now received a free update to add Move support. The game is now bumped up to v3.0, letting you guide the little critters around with a single Move controller. We've already appraised the game as part of our Move Mind Benders...

About The Game

Those green-haired critters are on the loose in High Definition!

Lemmings are on the loose in High Definition and waiting for you to guide them home. Send a brainless rodent up an industrial girder or get one digging into the floor of a haunted house – you'll need to do everything in your power to stop these suicidal creatures from wandering under guillotines or falling into radioactive goo!

The processing power of PlayStation 3 will deliver the best Lemmings experience yet, pitting you against a whole new world of fiendishly difficult puzzles. Hum along to an addictive soundtrack as you help those hordes of green-haired critters navigate their way through the most hazardous environments imaginable. Then post your scores online to find out your global ranking. Get set for Lemmings on PlayStation 3 and enjoy a totally revamped varmint-saving experience!