L.A. Noire

L.A. Noire


PlayStation 3
Take Two
Team Bondi


Game Rating

User Ratings: 148

Our Review: 8/10

L.A. Noire News


  • News Rockstar Considering New Entry in L.A. Noire Series

    Phelps ain't done yet

    Rockstar has refused to rule out a sequel to ambitious detective adventure, L.A. Noire, stating on its website that it has “simply not decided anything” about the franchise’s future. Speaking as part of a Q&A, the publisher said: Don't count out the possibility of a new game in the L.A. Noire franchise in the future...

  • News L.A. Noire Sells Almost Five Million Copies

    No lie

    L.A. Noire might not have been the most even of releases – the open-world crime drama overstayed its welcome by several hours – but it’s still deserving of its success. For all of the game’s faults, it should be recognised for its sheer innovation. Everything from the facial technology through to the very deliberate pacing resulted in...