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PlayStation 3

  • US 6th Dec 2007, $9.99
  • EU 6th May 2008, £6.29
  • JP 9th Dec 2010
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    Bowling for supremacy

    With the buzz for PlayStation Move now in full swing it is worth remembering that, through the technology incorporated in the SIXAXIS controller, the PS3 has had motion-sensing controller support since launch. The original version of SCE's High Velocity Bowling (HVB) was released a year later and it demonstrated one of the most...

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High Velocity Bowling Screenshot
High Velocity Bowling Screenshot
High Velocity Bowling Screenshot

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About The Game

Bowl up a storm with High Velocity Bowling on PlayStation 3.

Grip the SIXAXIS Wireless Controller like a bowling ball, take aim and swing your arm to knock down those pins - experience the fun and rivalry of the bowling alley in your living room!

Are you a cranker, a stroker, or does that elbow pop out like a chicken wing? Whatever your swing style, the Wireless Controller's motion sensor function simulates the action as you wind up your arm and send the ball crashing down the lane. The number of pins knocked down depends on your technique, power and accuracy.

High Velocity Bowling features ten themed alleys, each home to a colourful bowling fanatic who's itching to give you and your friends a tenpin education. So, loosen up that arm, get bowling and start bagging some strikes today!

Use the SIXAXIS Wireless Controller and PlayStation Move to bowl just as you would in real life!
Take on a selection of colourful and crazy characters to become king of the pins
Ten themed alleys let you bowl to your heart's content.