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  • News Grand Theft Auto 5 Plots the Perfect Heist in New Trailer

    High stakes

    Unfazed by the spate of leaks that have affected its launch a little, Rockstar Games has deployed a brand new Grand Theft Auto V trailer. Unlike the recent gameplay videos, this is a purely cinematic short which will also air on television. Those of you that are fans of Breaking Bad will be able to catc

  • News No, Grand Theft Auto 5 Is Not Coming to the PS4 Yet

    Sony forced to apologise again

    It’s nice to know that Sony’s going out of its way to rebuild bridges with the undoubtedly irritated Rockstar Games. Not content with pushing out a hackable version of Grand Theft Auto V this week, the manufacturer has now set the web alight by hinting that the upcoming sandbox adventure’s coming to the...

  • News Oh, There's a New Grand Theft Auto 5 Trailer Coming This Week

    Just so you know

    Rockstar Games is probably the only publisher in the world that can prompt reporters to write a full story about the fact that there’s a new trailer for one of its titles on the way. Other companies have to release teaser videos and screenshots to get the hype rolling, but not the firm behind Grand Theft Auto V – it didn’t...

  • News You'll Be Listening to Some Stellar Tracks in Grand Theft Auto V

    Sony apologises for leak

    This is more or less why we can’t have nice things. Sony made Grand Theft Auto V available for download on the European PlayStation Store this week. With the file spanning an enormous 18GB, the company wanted to make it easy for players to download ahead of the game’s release on 17th September. Sadly, the file’s been...

  • News Grand Theft Auto 5's Trophies Don't Look Especially Easy

    Time killer

    You’re going to need to set aside a few hundred hours to earn the Platinum Trophy in Grand Theft Auto V, as the trinkets in Rockstar Games’ latest adventure look anything but easy. The rewards were leaked overnight courtesy of Xbox360Achievements, but we’re assuming that the PlayStation 3 gongs are identical – that’s usually...

  • News Rockstar Not Ruling Out PS4 Port of Grand Theft Auto 5

    Focusing on current generation first

    Grand Theft Auto 5’s recently announced online mode sounds like it was designed to be played for the rest of time. The multiplayer component will allow you to embark on competitive and collaborative adventures within the Los Santos sandbox, create your own custom missions, and even engage in a spot of golf...

  • News Grand Theft Auto 5 Takes the Sandbox Online on 1st October

    Limitless potential

    As promised, Rockstar Games has pulled back the curtain on Grand Theft Auto V’s multiplayer mode. The online component – set to launch on 1st October – will see you collaborating and competing with other players in a connected world, all in order to earn reputation and rise through the ranks. The developer considers this...

  • News Take a Tour of Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto V Travelogue

    Paradise city

    The daily drip feed of Grand Theft Auto V information is in full swing. Not content with teasing the title’s multiplayer unveiling, Rockstar Games has launched a travelogue on its website, which is overflowing with the sarcastic sense of humour that you can expect to find in the full adventure. The page – which will be refreshed...

  • News Yes, Grand Theft Auto V Is Totally Getting DLC

    Well, duh

    Strap on your body armour because this snippet is more shocking than a bullet to the chest: Grand Theft Auto V is getting some form of DLC. The news was revealed in the least glamorous place possible – no, not in Trevor’s bathroom, but on a support page for the game. Asked if the title would be region-free, Rockstar Games replied:...

  • News Grand Theft Auto Online to Debut on 15th August

    Is your body ready?

    Ever since that delightful tease at the end of last month’s Grand Theft Auto V trailer, we’ve been dying to learn more about the game’s multiplayer mode, Grand Theft Auto Online. Fortunately, we’ll be finding out a whole lot on 15th August, when Rockstar Games is set to deploy a



  • E3 2013 Grand Theft Auto V PS3 Bundle Coming This September

    Yours for $299

    Sony and Rockstar will be launching an exclusive PlayStation 3 Grand Theft Auto V console bundle, which will be available to gamers on 17th September, launching at the same time as the game itself. During Sony's E3 conference, it was announced that the 500GB PS3 console bundle – which comes with a copy of the game, a pair of themed...