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Grand Theft Auto V


PlayStation 3
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User Ratings: 213

Our Review: 9/10

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  • News GTA 5 Has Now Sold an Eye Watering 150 Million Copies

    Red Dead Redemption 2 crosses 38 million units

    Grand Theft Auto V will span its third console generation when Rockstar re-releases the PlayStation 3 title on the PS5 later this year. It’s a game that’s achieved unrivalled success, with the open worlder surpassing 150 million units sold-in to date. This reflects both digital downloads and Blu-ray...


  • News GTA 5 Heading Offline on PS3 by the End of This Year

    Max Payne 3, L.A. Noire too

    Online services associated with the PlayStation 3 version of Grand Theft Auto V will be taken offline before the end of this year, rendering GTA Online effectively null on the old Sony console. The multiplayer mode will be inaccessible from 16th December 2021, and Shark Cards usable in the PS3 version will no longer be...








  • News UK Sales Charts: Grand Theft Auto V Sits Pretty at Summit

    Déjà vu

    Zzzzz. Forget about the Green Day song Wake Me Up When September Ends, we're writing a new version, and it's called Wake Me Up When the UK Sales Charts Change. There are no surprises in this week's update, with Grand Theft Auto V, FIFA 15, and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare all finishing at the top. Ubisoft trio Far Cry 4, The Crew, and...














  • Guide How to Make Easy RP in Grand Theft Auto Online

    Street cred

    Levelling up in Grand Theft Auto Online can be a really tedious, frustrating grind, especially given the availability of uninteresting missions and the noticeable lack of the much-anticipated heists. Fortunately for you, sneaky Internet folk have uncovered a way to make everything a little easier for you as we demonstrate in the handy...

  • News UK Sales Charts: Grand Theft Auto V Bats Skylanders: Swap Force Aside

    No time to play

    Rockstar Games’ open world opus Grand Theft Auto V has put a bullet in another strong competitor this week, topping the UK sales charts despite the release of Skylanders: Swap Force, which finished in third. In truth, the Activision published toy-‘em-up performed worse than its predecessor, suggesting perhaps that the release of...

  • News September NPD: PS3 Puts an End to Xbox 360's Winning Streak

    Record breaker

    Could the tides of battle be about to turn? As we promptly approach the onset of a new generation, Sony has finally put an end to the Xbox 360’s sales streak. According to the latest NPD report for September, the PlayStation 3 actually outsold Microsoft’s machine in North America last month, breaking the latter’s 32 month spell...

  • News Your Lost Grand Theft Auto Online Character Is Gone Forever

    So long, farewell

    We hope that you didn’t grow too attached to any Grand Theft Auto Online characters that may have got lost during the multiplayer mode’s tempestuous teething period, because they’re gone forever. Rockstar Games revealed earlier today that it won’t be possible to restore any missing protagonists or ranks – ever. “For...

  • News UK Sales Charts: Grand Theft Auto V Keeps Beyond: Two Souls at Bay

    "Aiden, I need you now"

    Beyond: Two Souls should have sought help from a spirit or two, as it failed to topple Grand Theft Auto V in this week’s UK sales charts. Nevertheless, the Ellen Page starring opus got off to a reasonable start, debuting in fifth behind Rockstar Games’ aforementioned release, FIFA 14, and something called Pokémon X an