Get Up and Dance

Get Up and Dance


PlayStation 3
Gusto Games


Game Rating

User Ratings: 3

Our Review: 4/10

Get Up and Dance News


  • News Court Refuses to Block Sales of Get Up and Dance

    Ubisoft turned down

    Get Up and Dance is very similar to Just Dance 3. Very similar. In fact, it's so similar that Ubisoft requested a restraining order in the United States demanding OG International cease sales of its game. A Californian court has refused to uphold the order, allowing OG to continue selling the game across the US. US district judge...


  • News Get Up and Dance Trailer Shakes its Groove Thing

    Or "thang", maybe

    O-Games' Get Up and Dance is going all-out in the promotion stakes as its early November release date approaches. Fresh from the golden oldies recently revealed for the game, we now have a new trailer showing exactly how you play. Well, sort of: while the in-game footage is clearly from the PS3 release (witness the Move icons above...

  • News Golden Oldies Revealed for Get Up and Dance

    Elton, Dusty and Lionel

    O Games' Get Up and Dance wants to give players of all age something they can shake their hips (or replacements) to, with the publisher announcing four new old tracks for the song's playlist. From Donna Summer's classic Hot Stuff — best known for its role in The Full Monty of course — to Lionel Richie's feel good song...


  • News These Modern Songs are In Get Up and Dance

    Music the kids will like

    The most important part of any dancing game isn't how stupid you look while playing it — the answer there is always "very" — but the songs you'll be shaking your hind quarters to. O-Games has put out a list of some of the modern songs you'll be able to dance to in its upcoming Get Up and Dance when it launches...

  • News Europe Can Get Up And Dance on November 4th

    If it wants to

    Get Up And Dance will be hoping to start the Christmas party season off early when it releases in Europe on 4th November. The Move dancing game will have stiff competition from PQube's Dance! It's Your Stage, Sony's Everybody Dance! (aka DanceStar Party) and of course the behemoth that is Just Dance 3. The press release below uses an...


  • News O-Games Wants You to Get Up and Dance

    More dancing on the Move

    Had enough of Wii and PlayStation Move dancing games yet? We hope not, as O-Games has just announced Get Up and Dance, coming to PS3 later this year. The new game from the publishers of John Daly's ProStroke Golf will support up to 8 players in various party modes, including Tug of War, Last Man Standing and a good...