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Far Cry 4 News


  • News This Is No Hoax, Far Cry 4's Yeti Expansion Is Coming Soon

    Fur real

    Better get geared up and back out into Kryat's wilderness, because Far Cry 4's latest expansion is hitting the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 next month. On 10th March in North America and 11th March in Europe, you'll be able to take the hunt to the Valley of the Yetis, as protagonist Ajay has to survive against the mythical...

  • News You Terrible People Have Hunted 1,630,255,159 Animals in Far Cry 4

    Think of the children

    It's time for another round of open world video game statistics, and up today, we've got mountainous mayhem simulator, Far Cry 4. Posting on Twitter, publisher Ubisoft has revealed some shockingly massive numbers. For starters, you lot have killed 6,512,562,667 things, and scored 1,367,205,865 headshots in the process. You're...


  • News Far Cry 4's Permadeath DLC Escapes onto PS4 and PS3 Right Now

    Prison break

    Far Cry 4's Escape from Durgesh Prison downloable content is available to download right now, Ubisoft has announced. As the name suggests, you'll be tasked with escaping from a highly secure jail using all of the tricks and trinkets that you've mastered during the main game. Oh, and you'll be able to do so both in solo and co-op...


  • News Far Cry 4 and Freedom Wars Scale Final EU Christmas Sale

    And that's the end of that

    Like the big box perched under your Christmas tree, Sony's big 12 Deals of Christmas initiative promised so much – only to serve up a slew of, frankly, underwhelming offers. The platform holder has put the lid on things today, announcing that for the next 48 hours, Far Cry 4 will be available for as low as £39.99 on the...


  • News Get Set for Valley of the Yetis in Far Cry 4's Season Pass

    Fur-person shooter

    Ubisoft’s gone and put its Bigfoot in it again. The French firm has announced a Season Pass for its upcoming Himalayan first-person shooter Far Cry 4, which will come with a selection of additional missions and objectives for the most ardent adventurers. Costing a pricey £23.99/$29.99, one of the extra tasks will see you take...

  • News Sorry Ubisoft, But This Is the Worst Unboxing Ever

    Taking the unboxing out of unboxing

    Ubisoft, when you label your video as an unboxing, please understand that it comes with a set of standards attached. It’s a bit like the PlayStation TV – people thought that they’d be able to watch Netflix on that thing, and were understandably irritated when they couldn’t. So, while this Far Cry 4 Kyrat...

  • News This New Far Cry 4 Trailer Shows Off Kyrat's Colourful Characters

    Kyrat race

    There's a new Far Cry game on the horizon, which means that Ubisoft is hard at work sending us trailers every other day. We've not posted them all, of course, because we can only listen to so much marketing jargon and dubstep before we permanently reinvent the definition of insanity. But on a lazy - and decidedly slow - Sunday like today,...


  • News Travel Through Time in Far Cry 4's Gorgeous New PS4 Trailer

    Great Scott

    Far Cry 4 looms large on the horizon, and in an attempt to raise the title's profile, developer Ubisoft recently released this nifty clip on the PlayStation Blog. While there isn't a truckload of new information here, it does give us a much better insight into the game's time-traveling mechanics. As the remarkab

  • News This Is What the Folks Behind Far Cry 4 Call Work

    Green eyed monster

    Making games is not easy. In addition to the excruciatingly long hours, technical challenges, and budget-based pressures, you also have to deal with idiotic online forum posters tossing obscenities at your title when given the opportunity. For the folks behind Far Cry 4, however, things aren’t all bad, as key members of the team...



  • News You'll Play as This Trendy Man in PS4 Shooter Far Cry 4

    Just your average psychopath

    Protagonists often play a big part in new game announcements, but it’s perhaps telling that Ubisoft has opted to wait until after Far Cry 4’s big coming out party to introduce you to Ajay Ghale – the character that you’ll be playing as in the forthcoming PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 first-person shooter...

  • E3 2014 The First Five Minutes of Far Cry 4 Are Fearsome and Fantastic

    A Vaas improvement

    In a press conference absolutely jam-packed with outstanding trailers, Far Cry 4 stood out as one of the most thrilling. Staring the franchise's newest super villain, the clip does a tremendously good job of showing off the tantalising title. At turns terrifying and charming, this eccentric antagonist has us utterly intrigued, and...

  • News Game Informer Takes to Kyrat with Far Cry 4 Cover Feature

    All of the colours

    With a frighteningly large North American readership, Game Informer magazine gets some of the best cover reveals each and every month. Heading into E3 last year, it unveiled Titanfall, the next first-person shooter from Call of Duty creators Respawn Entertainment. This time around, it’s not breaking news of an unannounced title,...