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Dead Space 3 News


  • News PlayStation 3 Shifted 263,000 Units in North America Last Month

    Sales strong for Sony's system

    PlayStation 4 may have stolen the headlines in February, but the PlayStation 3 proved that it’s still got the staying power to carry Sony into the next generation. has revealed that the manufacturer’s current flagship console sold 263,000 units in North America last month – enough to make it the...

  • News February NPD: Dead Space 3 Dismembers the Competition

    Sly Cooper squeezes into the top ten

    Despite speculation regarding its disappointing sales, Dead Space 3 managed to fire its way to the summit of the North American sales charts in February. The space shooter pushed Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 into second, while Crysis 3, NBA 2K13, and

  • News Dead Space 3 Pulls Horror Out of Hiding with Awakened DLC

    The scares are no longer in stasis

    Visceral Games will deploy Dead Space 3’s darkest chapter yet next week, when its ‘Awakened’ DLC pack spooks the PlayStation Store from 12th March. The expansion – which will set you back $9.99 – promises to depict the events after the conclusion of the main campaign, and is said to feature some of the...

  • Rumour Dead Space 4 Dismembered Following Dismal Sales

    Marker of the times

    It sounds like the legs of Visceral Games’ likeable Dead Space series have been targeted by a well aimed Plasma Cutter shot by EA executives. According to a report on, a fourth entry in the horror series was in development, but has been cancelled following the poor sales of Dead Space 3. The


  • UK Sales Charts Dead Space 3 Unsettles Ni No Kuni

    Wrath of the Necromorphs

    Despite its controversial inclusion of microtransactions, Dead Space 3 has snuck to the summit of this week’s UK sales charts, giving previous frontrunner Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch an awful scare along the way. The spooked Level-5 and Studio Ghibli collaboration dropped all the way down into sixth, though...

  • News Dead Space 3 Resource Farming Glitch Won't Be Patched

    Dry paint

    Dead Space 3 allows you to spend real money to upgrade your weapons – but you don’t necessarily need to engage in the shady practice to unlock the ultimate Plasma Cutter. An exploit discovered by the fine folks at GameFront allows you to farm as many resources as you like – and it’s unlikely to get patched, according to publisher...

  • News Dead Space 3 Awakens with Post-Release DLC

    One eye open

    Dead Space 3 has barely had time to spook the store shelves it's sitting on, but that’s not stopped publisher EA Games from announcing that there’s more content lurking on the horizon. Following on from last week’s tease, the company has confirmed that the ‘Awakened’ DLC pack will haunt the PlayStation Store next month...

  • News Dead Space 3's Demo Has Been Dismembered Two Million Times

    Must be something in the air

    It looks like that blast of Phil Collins has done the trick for Dead Space 3. Chuffed publisher EA Games has announced that the title’s recently released demo has already been downloaded by almost two million people across multiple platforms, which represents a ten per cent increase over


  • News Additional Content Disturbing Dead Space 3 Soon

    Hold onto your disc

    It looks like Dead Space 3’s jump scares will not conclude once you reach the solace of the title’s credits, because developer Visceral Games is currently working on a slice of post-release content for the survival horror shooter. Steve Papoutsis, the game’s producer, revealed the news in an official EA blog post. “The...

  • News Dead Space 3's Launch Trailer Murders a Classic

    Oh lord

    Forget the Necromorphs, the scariest thing about this Dead Space 3 launch trailer is the awful Phil Collins cover. It’s a shame, because the footage itself is exceptional, focusing on several enormous set-pieces from the single-player campaign. We’re guessing that that big centipede thing isn’t popping up to play tag. All will be...

  • News Dead Space 3 Will Let You Buy Better Weapons with Real Money

    Nickel and dime

    No one can hear you scream in space – unless you’ve got a big enough bank balance, of course. Reporting from a recent hands-on session, has revealed that Dead Space 3 will allow you to upgrade your weapons via voluntary microtransactions. You'll be given the option to pay your way out of trouble when you don't have...

  • News Dead Space's Isaac Clarke Is a Closet Mass Effect Cosplayer

    Fancy distress

    Like most people, we spend the majority of our evenings prancing around in N7 gear, pretending to save the galaxy from imminent Reaper attacks – but we never suspected that Dead Space protagonist Isaac Clarke was a part of our fantasy circle. However, the below trailer provides irrefutable proof that, even when faced with an undead...

  • News Mark Your Territory with Huge Dead Space 3 Collector's Edition

    Sorry, no Plasma Cutter

    If you’ve played either of the original Dead Space titles, then you'll know exactly what happens when you come into contact with the Marker. As such, we recommend steering clear of the recently announced Dead Space 3 ‘Dev Team Edition’ as it includes an 8-inch replica of the strange, pointed artefact. The package also...


  • News Dead Space 3 Demo Deploys the Horror from 22nd January

    Death by dismemberment

    A playable demo for Visceral Games’ upcoming space horror sequel Dead Space 3 will crawl onto the PlayStation Network from 22nd January, publisher EA Games has announced. The short sampler will allow you to get a taste for the title’s controversial co-op mode, thrusting you “into deep space terror unwilling hero –...

  • News New Dead Space 3 Trailer Shows Shared Scares

    Calm down

    We’re vehemently against the addition of co-operative action to Dead Space 3, but even we can’t deny the appeal of this brand new trailer. The video introduces the title’s ‘Two Ways to Play’ tagline, which is designed to highlight the differences between single-player and multiplayer gameplay. While you’ll be able to...


  • News Dead Space 3 Spooks PS3 on 5th February

    Hide behind the sofa

    Dead Space 3 will shuffle onto PlayStation 3 on 5th February in North America, publisher EA announced during its GamesCom press conference this afternoon. A European release will follow on 8th February. Those that pre-order the title from participating retailers will automatically be upgraded to the Dead Space 3 Limited...


  • News Dead Space 3 Has Co-Op to Help With Scares

    'The horror of Dead Space is still all there'

    When Dead Space 3 was revealed at this year's E3, anguished cries from series fans could be read around the internet. The trailer shown was certain action-intensive, suggesting that the latest entry was shifting away from creepy horror and towards more traditional third-person shooter territory. EA is...


  • News Take a Gander at 20 Minutes of Dead Space 3 Gameplay

    Gears of war

    We’d hoped this 20 minute gameplay demonstration of Dead Space 3 would reveal some of the slower pacing that was absent at E3. Sadly it doesn’t. While there’s clearly some great shooting and set-pieces on display here, the tense atmosphere of the original Dead Space appears to have got lost like the mind of protagonist Isaac...

  • News EA Targeting Five Million Sales for Dead Space 3


    For many fans, Dead Space 3 already looks desperately disappointing. The tense, claustrophobic horror of its predecessors has been replaced by formulaic cover-based shooting. That’s because the game needs to hit a “larger audience” according to publisher EA. Chatting with CVG, publishing executive Frank Gibeau explained that a game like...

  • News Dead Space 3 Hits PS3 in February 2013

    Bring a buddy

    EA's Dead Space 3 will hit PS3 in February 2013. EA's live press conference opened with a co-operative demonstration of the game, which looks much closer to a third-person shooter-oriented than its horror origins. You and a friend can take down giant enemies in new locales including frozen planets and the depths of space. What did...

  • News More Dead Space 3 Details Leak Ahead of E3

    Find a friend

    That errant issue of Game Informer magazine is causing a whole heap of misery, it seems. Not content with leaking Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation for PlayStation Vita, the publication’s also outed a handful of details pertaining to Dead Space 3. Then again, we suppose it’s par for the course for Visceral Games’ oft-leaked...

  • News EA Officially Acknowledges Dead Space 3

    At last

    EA has officially confirmed that the worst kept secret of E3, Dead Space 3, is an actual video game. Following a slew of leaks and rumours – including a set of screenshots – the publisher finally acknowledged the title overnight. It’s not willing to share any details just yet, but it promises all will be revealed during its E3 press...