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Darksiders II


PlayStation 3
Vigil Games


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User Ratings: 83

Our Review: 8/10

Darksiders II News


  • News Darksiders 2 Is Indeed Bringing Death to PS4

    Definitive Edition confirmed

    Gotta love Amazon.com listing leaks, eh? The online retailer outed a re-release of PlayStation 3 adventure Darksiders 2 yesterday, and now, publisher Nordic Games has confirmed that a Definitive Edition is indeed coming to the PlayStation 4. Talking to Gamespot, a company representative told the pu


  • News Crytek Resurrects Darksiders Developers with Texas Studio

    Back from the brink

    Darksiders may have been caught by the scythe of Death, but that’s not stopping a number of former Vigil Games employees from finding new life at Crytek USA. The Austin-based outfit, announced earlier today, represents the ninth studio in the German firm’s portfolio. Its foundation follows closely in the footsteps of Crytek...


  • News PSN Rolls Out the Red Carpet for More Retail Releases Next Week

    Digital life

    We’re rapidly approaching the point where most new PlayStation 3 releases are available digitally on the same day as retail, but that hasn’t always been the case. As such, Sony has ushered the online arrival of a wealth of older titles in recent weeks – and that’s set to continue with Darksiders II, Kingdoms of Amalur:...


  • News THQ Fashions 30th October Launch for Darksiders 2 DLC

    Hellish hearth

    Death will reign once again this Hallowe’en, when THQ deploys Darksiders 2’s second big chunk of DLC. The cryptically titled Abyssal Forge will be available on PlayStation 3 from 30th October in North America. Those of you living overseas will have an extra day to prepare for the apocalyptic arrival, when the content appears on...


  • News Darksiders II Leads The Way in August NPD Results

    Don't mess with Death

    The NPD results for August have been released, which were no doubt greeted by many sweaty brows within the gaming industry. The overall picture for U.S. game sales is worrying, with a drop in software sales of 9% compared to the same period last year, though PS3 has reportedly produced improved sales compared to July. The...


  • News Darksiders II Comes Knocking in New TV Commercial

    At Death's door

    THQ might not have much money left in the bank, but it’s still got enough to plop a dramatisation of the apocalypse in between Coronation Street. This new Darksiders II television spot shows protagonist Death riding into oncoming traffic, while people run for their lives. We don’t know what’s wrong with them, really – the...


  • News Latest Darksiders II Trailer Rides Online

    'Til death do us part

    With Death’s arrival imminent on PlayStation 3, THQ has released a brand new in-engine trailer depicting what the apocalypse will look like when Darksiders II rides into retail next month. The melodramatic short shows off plenty of gameplay footage, but if you’re still not sold on the sought after sequel, check out our...

  • News Darksiders II Soundtrack Now Available for Pre-Order

    Sounds like Death itself, supposedly

    Sumthing Else Music Works and THQ have announced that the upcoming Darksiders II will be receiving its very own two-disc soundtrack for you to listen while you're not riding into battle and restoring mankind. The soundtrack will feature scores by Assassin's Creed and Hitman composer, Jesper Kyd, whose...

  • Interview Vigil Games - Darksiders II

    Straight from the Horseman's mouth

    Darksiders II is mounting up to charge onto PlayStation 3 next month. Before the Horsemen are upon us once more, Push Square caught up with Vigil Games' Haydn Dalton, lead designer on the game, at Manchester MCM Expo to speak about Darksiders II's new systems, how new character Death differs to War and the...


  • News Live Action Darksiders II Trailer Gets Melodramatic

    Death lives

    Live action video game trailers almost always take themselves too seriously, and this new Darksiders II video is no different. In it, a bearded gentleman preaches about the arrival of death, shortly before the unwanted hoodlum predictably gatecrashes the sermon. Watch the video below for over-the-top acting and bad computer graphics...


  • News Darksiders II Staying in the Shadows until August

    Die another day

    THQ’s delayed the release of Darksiders II until August. The game was originally scheduled to release on PS3 in late June, but the publisher has decided to hold the sequel back in order to ensure it meets the “high quality bar the team is targeting”. Developer Vigil Games added in an FAQ that the delay has nothing to do with...


  • News Darksiders II Pre-orders Go Premium

    At death's door

    Those of you that register early interest in the upcoming Darksiders II will get a little extra contrent for your enthusiasm. Publisher THQ’s announced that it’s upgrading all pre-orders of the adventure title to the limited edition version at no extra charge. The limited edition will ship with a code to download the game’s...


  • News Darksiders II Dances with Death This Summer

    Slow dance in the sun

    Normally we wouldn’t be up for inviting the Grim Reaper into our home, but in the case of Darksiders II we might be tempted to make an exception. According to the game’s official Twitter account, we’ll get to go hands-on with the dark Zelda inspired sequel this coming 26th June in North America and 29th June in Europe...