Dark Souls II

Dark Souls II


PlayStation 3
Bandai Namco


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User Ratings: 85

Our Review: 9/10

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  • Game of the Year Best PS3 Games of 2014

    Antiques roadshow

    It's been a funny year for the PlayStation 3. While the system has received plenty of support in 2014, it feels like the attention of the industry has moved on. Cross-generation titles like Destiny and Far Cry 4 have all been advertised with the PlayStation 4 in mind, and sales have taken a tumble as a consequence. Despite what...



  • Video Dark Souls II - A Gentleman's Guide to Co-Operative Etiquette

    For immediate release

    London, England – The Push Square Corporation, an upstanding broadcaster based in London, England, has today announced its latest programme: ‘A Gentleman’s Guide to Co-Operative Etiquette’. This entertaining and informative media aims to provide viewers with a crash course on the required level of decorum expected in...

  • Guide How Not to Die Quite As Much in Dark Souls II on PS3

    This one's a video

    Words are for weirdos who like books and stuff, so while you may have enjoyed our excellent Dark Souls II beginner’s guide from last week, there’s a chance that you may have struggled with all of the sentences. Fortunately, this intrepid video editor has returned with a must watch introduction to From Software’s unfair...

  • Weirdness Be Careful When Playing Dark Souls II with a DualShock 4

    Prepare to lose a lot of money

    There’s no doubt that the DualShock 4 is an infinitely superior controller to its PlayStation 3 counterpart, providing tighter sticks, vastly improved triggers, and a much more ergonomic shape. As such, it’s not overly surprising that gallant gamers would want to use the overhauled device with From Software’s...

  • Store Update 13th March 2014 (North America)

    Better late than never

    We feel like we’ve travelled back in time. Old-school PlayStation 3 owners may recall an era where the North American PlayStation Store was updated on a Thursday rather than a Tuesday, and technical issues have allowed us to revisit that period. Still, with titles such as Dark Souls II on the docket, we’re sure that you...

  • Store Update 12th March 2014 (Europe)

    In reverse

    Well, this is strange. Normally, we don’t learn about the contents of the European PlayStation Store update until at least a day after the North American refresh, but due to some technical issues over the pond, it’s the old world that’s seizing the opportunity to go first. Sadly, this week’s highlights are already available in the...

  • News Brace Yourself for This Dark Souls II Launch Trailer

    The curse of the dark

    "Your flesh will decay. Your mind will fade. But you won't ever die." These wise words of wisdom are offered in the latest Dark Souls II trailer. While the first two afflictions may haunt you after a five hour session with the unforgiving sequel, though, we can't guarantee the latter. Still, if you weren't eager to lay your...

  • Round Up Prepare to Die Reading These Dark Souls II Reviews

    Try again

    It’s times like these when that stash of spare DualShock 3s may come in handy. Bandai Namco is preparing to release sinister sequel Dark Souls II into the wild this week, and that means that a handful of media outlets have already worked their way through the controller snappingly challenging campaign. Our poor Nathan Michalik is...

  • Weirdness Dark Souls II Goes Retro in 80s Style Tribute

    Rise from the dead

    Some fan tributes are truly inspired, but we're not sure what invoked this blast from the past. The fiendishly difficult Dark Souls II has received an 80s action makeover with a cheesy trailer to boot. Our undead hero follows in the footsteps of former action icons like Rambo, as he battles against the hordes of evil. With...





  • News Sacrifice Your Spirit to the Dark Souls II Beta on PS3

    Prepare to die

    Quit pricking your eyelids with rusty nails – a much more masochistic pastime demands your attention. Sony has teamed up with From Software to launch a beta for Dark Souls II on the PlayStation 3, and all that you need to do to participate is register your interest on the PlayStation Store. European readers will find a special...


  • Video New Dark Souls 2 Gameplay Footage Emerges Online

    The wait is becoming soul-destroying

    Japanese video game magazine Famitsu has posted four new gameplay videos for the forthcoming action RPG Dark Souls 2. The four videos — which appear to be based on the demo shown at E3 2013 — feature four different character classes: Warrior, Sorcerer, Temple Knight, and Dual Swordsman. It's worth pointing...

  • News Dark Souls 2 Will Make Your Life a Misery in March

    Death deploys next year

    It’s that time of the year where video game advertisements start popping up all over Los Angeles – but this Dark Souls 2 banner offers a little more than mere pre-E3 excitement. The poster – attached to the building where the big show will take place – features two glum looking warriors and a March 2014 release...



  • News Dark Souls' Creator Is Working on a New Project

    Not necessarily a new IP

    Dark Souls creator and director Hidetaka Miyazaki has announced in an interview with EDGE magazine that he is currently working on a new project. As previously reported, Miyazaki has stepped away from Dark Souls 2 in order to focus his attention on the mysterious title. Despi

  • News Dark Souls 2's Visuals Are Comparable to Watch Dogs

    May skip 2013

    Dark Souls 2 may have been announced as a PlayStation 3 title, but it sounds like the hotly anticipated sequel will arrive on next-generation consoles too. EDGE magazine – who were shown a ten-minute playthrough of the game – reports that the upcoming adventure will boast visuals that are on par with Ubisoft’s ambitious

  • News Dark Souls 2 Will Be 'More Understandable' Than Its Predecessor

    Click to win

    In a single interview, director Tomohiro Shibuya has managed to sour the initial excitement surrounding Dark Souls 2. Chatting with EDGE magazine, the newcomer – who’s taking the reins from previous director Hidetaka Miyazaki – revealed that he intends to make the sequel less obtuse. While that sounds like a good thing to us, Dark...

  • News Dark Souls 2 Will Make Your Life a Misery All Over Again

    Praise the sun

    Do you want the good news or the bad news? Alright, we’ll start with the good: Dark Souls 2 has been announced. And the bad: Dark Souls 2 has been announced. The sequel made a surprise appearance during the Spike VGAs, sending masochists all over the globe into an uncontrollable frenzy. We were too busy thinking about Jessica Alba...