Child of Eden

Child of Eden


PlayStation 3
Q Entertainment


Game Rating

User Ratings: 16

Our Review: 9/10

Child of Eden News


  • News Get 50% off Child of Eden on EU PlayStation Store

    Heavenly deal

    Child of Eden was pretty cheap to begin with, but as part of Sony's 12 Deals of Christmas it just got even cheaper. Head to the European PlayStation Store and depending on your location you could get as much as 50% off the price of Q? Entertainment's sterling shooter. The deal only runs until 7th December so if you want to get a...


  • News iWaggle Compares Child of Eden Move and Kinect

    Which comes out on top?

    If you're a multiformat owner and are unsure whether to get the superb Child of Eden on PlayStation 3 or Child of Eden on Kinect, our friends over at iWaggle3D have just put together a very useful video guide explaining the differences between the two. The in-depth video — it's 30 minutes long — should answer pretty much...


  • News Lumi Trailer Beckons You to Become a Child of Eden

    It's nearly time

    Q Entertainment's long-awaited Child of Eden is nearly here, and we have a new trailer to show off. If you know nothing about the on-rails shooter the video below will probably fail to enlighten you, but anyone with even the slightest interest in a synaesthetic experience would do well to pay close attention. There's also a half...


  • News Become a Child of Eden on 30th September

    Ubi finally comes clean

    Q? Entertainment's much-anticipated Child of Eden will finally come to PlayStation 3 in Europe on 30th September, complete with support for PlayStation Move and 3DTV sets. Ubisoft finally announced the features yesterday, but can it compete with the exceptional Child of Eden on Kinect? We'll find out in September. UBISOFT®...




  • News Just When Is Child of Eden Coming to PS3?

    Nobody knows

    The Child of Eden release date saga rolls on, and we're still no closer to a definite date for the 3D and PlayStation Move-enabled version of Ubisoft's organic super-shooter. Last week a Ubi rep said Child of Eden was delayed by 4 to 6 weeks, then yesterday's Ubisoft release schedule just pegged the game for a vague "calendar...

  • News Child of Eden for PlayStation Move Delayed by 4 to 6 Weeks

    No shooting in June

    The recent good news that Child of Eden will support PlayStation Move and 3DTVs has been tempered by the announcement that the game will launch several weeks behind its Xbox 360 brethren. A representative for Ubisoft confirmed to PushSqua

  • Rumour Child of Eden Could Feature 3D Support

    Creating the ultimate game

    Last week we revealed you'll be able to play play Child of Eden with PlayStation Move, and now the game's director Tetsuya Mizuguchi has hinted at stereoscopic 3D support too. On a trip to the offices of UK site Computer and Video Games, Mizuguchi referred to the possible combination of Move controller and 3D glasses:...

  • News Child of Eden Will be Playable with PlayStation Move

    Finally, a confirmation

    The ongoing Child of Eden PlayStation Move debate has been bubbling away since the game's first showing in 2010. Recently we reported a rumour that Child of Eden was coming to PlayStation Move, and now we've heard word from Ubisoft that yes, the motion controller is supported. The Ubisoft representative we spoke to couldn't...