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@Malaise I’m happy to use my cosmic wishlist powers. I also have the power to have something immediately added to PS+ if you want me to purchase something. 😅

@LtSarge Yeah, Walking Sim type games would be good for the Club. We did Stray a few months ago and it was well received and it motivated me to try and and I ended up really liking it.

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@Yousef- Nice. I never played the Wii original, but enjoyed my time with RtD Deluxe when it was ported. Very traditional Kirby experience, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Definitely one of the better Kirby games overall, although it definitely sits under Planet Robobot and Forgotten Land.

This last decade has been very, very good for Kirby games.

The original Kirby's Dream Land is near the top for me, but almost exclusively because it was one of my first video games and I'm incredibly nostalgic for it.

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I finally made it to the end of Dragon Age Inquisition - possibly the most boring RPG ever made.

It's an overlong, grindy, slog of a game, with combat, skill trees and progression that seems designed for a game about a third of the length it actually is. How people were able to invest hundreds of hours into this, I do not know.

I finished it in around 50 hours - well, that is sort of a half lie. It was more like over a hundred hours, in total. Both times I have tried to play this, I hit the same wall in the last 20 or so hours. The first time though, there was no new Dragon Age just a few months away, so simply cutting my losses and doing something more exciting like watching paint dry was an option. This time, not so much. As such, I engaged with a 20 or so hour battle to not give into the tedium and play literally anything else.

You need to finish this, I kept telling myself, you need this knowledge for The Veilguard! But it's so boring I’d whine back to myself, I just don’t know if I have the strength to keep doing the same static combat encounters and the same two world activities over and over again, I would plead with myself. I’d take a deep breath, grip my controller firmly and look ahead - I know, I know, I would say to myself like All Might trying to reassure a civilian trapped under rubble - But have no fear, my friend! You’ve only got to kill ten more rams and we can do the next story mission!

I dunno, maybe in 2014 this open world design was considered good, I appreciate the open world fatigue we have today was not the same ten years ago, I also appreciate we had recently come from Dragon Age 2, which took place in about four or five unfinished environments in a loop. If you had lived in a basement your whole life, even a carpark must seem quite exciting if its got a blue sky above it. But all I can say, is 2024 me doesn't like that Inquisition is just a big, empty, parking lot filled with MMO style busywork to create some sort of unneeded pacing mechanism that makes the whole game worse by existing.

And I mean Inquisition certainly reviewed well on release, so clearly some people stepped out of the unfinished walls of Kirkwall and looked upon Inquisition with wonder. But if you do a search for Inquisition online in 2024, many results are negative. I mean it's the internet, so that probably hasn’t shocked you. But I feel like the devil is in the details here.

You see, many of the replies aren’t the usual - I must run to the defence of a game I like and I must take your criticism of a game I enjoy, whether fair or not, like it's a personal attack on me and respond with that context in mind! No, most replies are a sort of silent, indirect no eye contact nod as they say something like “hey man you know, not everyone’s definition of fun is the same man. Heheh.” and then slide you a piece of paper across the table all secret agent style, eyes darting around the forum hoping no one is watching.

You look and see its 20 links to NexusMods, all of which are mods which introduce either basic quality of life additions that are baffling to not be included or mods that have been created over the years to address and carve out much of the game's most tedious aspects. The guy then gives a half smile, nods knowingly at the document in your hand, and shuffles away with sad slumped shoulders.

And while this whole review may all seem like wry bile, I promise it comes from a good place. I love the Mass Effect trilogy. A series I revisit every few years. The cinematic BioWare RPG just isn’t really something that exists any more. And also sorta never had, especially not within the triple A space, anyway. We don't really have any other game series quite like Mass Effect or Dragon Age.

At the heights of Inquisition's biggest story beats, its grand set pieces, its dramatic staging, its operatic score and then in all those quiet moments in between with your wonderfully written and performed companions, you’re reminded of that now much meme’d “BioWare Magic” and just how special it once was. How it once meant something and was the glue that held these games together.

You never played the original Mass Effect for its combat, as chucking a biotic dropped your framerate into single digits and your companions ran into walls, no, it was for all the moments in between those moments. Combat and missions were just something to overcome, to get to the good parts. The story, the next dramatic choice and the next quiet moment with your favourite companion.

Inquisition tries to fix this problem, to try and make the whole package reach for the same high bar. To make the set pieces not something you'd just rush through to get to the meat that came after them. But the problem is it also for some reason came with this mountain of MMO busywork tedious filler, and while mods do an excellent job of cutting down on a lot of this, there currently exists no way to remove this entirely, as its too woven into too many systems to be completely cut out. Like a tumour on the stem of where one's brain and spine meet.

If it was possible to remove all of that stuff, then you would have here BioWare's opus. One of the greatest RPGs ever made. One of the greatest achievements in gaming. But that isn't the game we have. And I can't weigh my feelings on a game based on the 30 hours I enjoyed, if there was another 20 hours of boredom so overwhelming it risked swallowing me whole. Maybe you disagree and that is okay.

And while there are plenty of holes you can poke into Inquisition, I'm still sort of in awe of how well it all holds together, despite the visible duct tape barely holding the skeleton in one piece. Unlike Mass Effect which felt like a trilogy of games with a clear vision, the Dragon Age trilogy is kind of a big mess, with Dragon Age 2's problematic development well documented (it is also way way better than I think the reviews give it credit for, but that is a conversation for another day). As Inquisition referenced things as far back as the first game - probably the most disconnected from the trilogy - as old faces returned to play major roles and close out past threads, as new developments threaded backwards into previous games, you just gotta take off your hat I think.

In a way though, that just sorta makes it all the more heart breaking that the main descriptor I'd levy towards Inquisition is that its honestly just sorta dull.

Oh well, onto Trespasser I go and then I am finally free.

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