Topic: Can Cheap Third Party Vita Memory Cards Be Found Anywhere?

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I'm seriously considering picking up a PSTV to play Vita games, but the price of the special memory cards is preventing me from doing so...At Amazon and Walmart I'm finding the cheapest memory cards are around $55 16GB or $88 32GB which is more expensive than the darned console itself which is for the most part clearanced under $50 now. I just can't justify the cost of those memory cards and was wondering if cheaper third party options are available elsewhere? Thanks in advance!

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Nope, gotta bite the bullet as far as I'm aware. It is a bit of a pain, but once you've got one with decent capacity you're laughing.

Maybe you'll get lucky second hand somewhere.

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Yeah they are a proprietary card that only Sony makes. Best bet is check thrift stores, used game stores (other then Gamestop), Flea markets or even like Craigslist for some used ones.

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@Rukiafan7 use Play Asia, it's an import but same card and a tiny bit cheaper.

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@Rukiafan7 Yeah Play Asia. Won't get into it in depth now as I don't want to derail the thread. But ordered something from them, I never got it asked for a refund they refused.

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