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Hi all,

Just to let you know, we lost a lot of data overnight. I'm not the right person to explain exactly what happened, but essentially it was out of our hands, and means we lost about 24 hours or so of articles/comments/forum posts. We've recovered all of the articles -- do let me know if you spot an issue -- and some of the comments, but the forum posts will probably remain missing for now.

Obviously, this is far from ideal, but fortunately it could have been worse. Apologies about that, and do let me know if you spot any other problems.




You guys should know not to feed server gremlins after midnight



AH ok I saw that in the Sleeping Dogs PS4 article from yesterday my comment got deleted.  I thought that maybe I did something and it was deleted or I didnt post it right.  Good to know that everything is back up and running.  (For the most part).

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