Topic: Make me a PSN name because I'm lazy and incredibly unimaginative.

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Make me a PSN name. I don't mind if it's crazy or insulting, I just don't want any trolls making names like "Male_Chaser" (because my name is Chase), but it can be a bit edgy like my friend's tag which is something along the lines of "pedophile".

General Info:

  • Name: Chase
  • Color: Scarlet/Crimson
  • Favorite Game: Persona 5
  • Gender: Male
  • Number: 13 or 5

Some inspirations for the name that I like include gambling themes (cards or dice themed), and video games references e.g. MorganaTheCatBus (yes I am aware that was a horrid example).

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Basically just use any Stevan Seagal movie name

Hard to Kill
Marked for Death
The Glimmer Man
The Patriot
Exit Wounds
Out for a Kill
Half Past Dead
Today You Die
Mercenary for Justice
Shadow Man
Attack Force
Urban Justice
Pistol Whipped
Kill Switch
A Dangerous Man
Driven to Kill
Maximum Conviction
Force of Execution
Gutshot Straight
End of a Gun
The Perfect Weapon
...The Onion Movie?

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Chase the Ace
Morganas purple potty
Crimson 5 Chase or die
Im a man needing a plan
Chase n a status
Unlucky Purple Patch

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I wish I had used that one myself!!

If not, just go with the name of your first pet and the name of your road.

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Add my PSN: iKyr0ki
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Got a face for an id. Don't think I'll be much help. Wait, how's this



PSN: q9j9p


Chase like as in Chevy Chase. How about Fletch or FletchLives?






pastel days & neon nights

PSN: JJ-firl


EverChasing13 doesn't sound too good..



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