We Wish You a Merry Christmas 1
Image: Push Square

It’s been an action-packed year, hasn’t it? From the Activision Blizzard courtroom drama through to the absolutely stacked release calendar from start-to-finish, this is our first real opportunity to reflect on 2023. Merry Christmas, by the way, we sincerely hope you and your entire family have a fun one. You’ll find us lingering near to the Selection Box.

Xmas is a time for celebration, but it’s also a time for thanks. And as we say every year, this website wouldn’t exist without all of you. Thank you for allowing us to spend our days writing about PlayStation, and for gifting us with one of the best gaming communities online. We know it’s not perfect all the time, but we truly believe this website offers a welcoming and positive place to discuss yours and our favourite pastime.

There’ll be plenty of opportunity to look to the future, and a 2024 where we hope the PS5 is really going to come into its own, but for now we’d like to appreciate all the great games we have to play – and the copious snacks we’re going to scoff alongside them. Whether you’re celebrating or not, have a great holiday – and remember to polish off those Brussel sprouts, eh!