At the behest of our lovely video producer Aaron, we've taken a quick look back at the year so far, and decided on which PS5 games have impressed us the most. Granted, it's only early April, but 2024's schedule has been manic. Tekken 8, Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, Persona 3 Reload, Dragon's Dogma 2... and let's not forget the surprise smash hit that is Helldivers 2.

Honestly, we're struggling to think of a busier period — and while some of these games lack universal appeal, there's no denying the quality that's been on display over the last three months or so. It's a good time to be a PS5 player.

So sit back, relax, and let Aaron run through our favourites. And when you're done, don't forget to tell us all about your own PS5 picks in the comments section below.