Right, okay, listen — let us explain ourselves before you potentially lose your minds in the comments. Our resident video producer Aaron Bayne has some opinions about The Last of Us as a franchise, and his latest work explains why he thinks The Last of Us: Part II is...well, better than The Last of Us: Part I.

The video covers topics like the sequel's emotionally-charged rollercoaster of a story, and the recontextualisation of its characters. But as the headline of this article conveys, it's important to remember that Part II is nothing without Part I. The characters and their struggles form the core of the first game, and Part II takes those elements and runs with them, challenging players on a moral, and emotional level.

And if you feel like watching more, check out our The Last of Us Lore Explained deep dive, in which Aaron explores the scarily grounded, apocalyptic events that lead up to the original game.

Anyway, give the video a look, and then let us know if you agree (or disagree!) in the comments section below.