The PS5 has been merrily dominating our TV cabinets for over a year and a half now. This beast of a console has amplified our gaming lives in the obvious ways with the likes of incredibly fast loading times, better resolution and framerates, and the immersive qualities of haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. However, quite often the glamour and glitz of the big features overshadow the smaller ones.

The thing is, so many of these little features, either carried over from the PS4 or newly introduced with the PS5, aren’t commonly known — despite being annoyingly obvious in some cases. Believe us when we say we were pulling our hair out when we discovered some of the tips and tricks while researching for a video on the Push Square YouTube channel.

We rounded up 20 of the best tips and tricks we wished we knew over on that channel, and even if there are only a couple that escaped your knowledge, they are key parts of streamlining the entire PS5 experience. Whether they be button shortcuts, or ways to save a ton of money on purchases, each of them comes with their own merit and worth.

Are there any hidden PS5 hidden features that passed you by for the longest time? And which features have we missed out in this video? Let us know down below!