Summer Game Fest Prediction Quiz Results

The Summer Game Fest Live Showcase has come and gone, which can only mean one thing: it's time to look back at our predictions quiz and see whether the Push Square community was able to correctly predict the events of Geoff's big show.

Prior to the presentation, we published a 20-question, yes-or-no quiz. Over 1,200 readers took part, with the community as a whole trying their best to get a read on announcements, reveals, and dumb little details.

Our previous predications quiz covered The Game Awards back in December of last year. You lot managed a rather disappointing score of 11/20, so the hope is that you'll have done much better this time around.

Without further ado, let's dig into the results...

Question 1: Will host Geoff Keighley be wearing primarily white sneakers? (1,284 votes)

84% Yes
16% No


Nice, we're off to a good start. In classic Keighley fashion, the host was wearing a pair of very white sneakers.

Question 2: Will another Astro Bot trailer be shown? (1,298 votes)

42% Yes
58% No


With pre-orders for Astro Bot opening on the day of this showcase, we thought there was a good chance that the upcoming PS5 exclusive would get another trailer — but it didn't happen. Two for two!

Question 3: Will Dragon Age: The Veilguard (formerly Dreadwolf) get a release date ahead of its gameplay reveal next week? (1,235 votes)

38% Yes
62% No


Dragon Age: The Veilguard didn't actually appear during the Summer Game Fest showcase; it was saved for the Xbox event, but even there, it wasn't given a release date — just a release window.

Question 4: Will three or more Xbox-owned games be announced for PS5? (1,257 votes)

47% Yes
53% No


Oooh, this was close! Geoff's show didn't really focus on Xbox-owned properties at all, with Xbox itself saving all the trailers for its own event.

Question 5: Will BioShock 4 be revealed? (1,249 votes)

18% Yes
82% No


Wow, your cynicism is really starting to pay off. BioShock 4 was nowhere to be seen, as the vast majority of you predicted.

Question 6: Will the PS5 Pro be mentioned in any capacity? (1,269 votes)

17% Yes
83% No


We're on an impressive run here. Of course the PS5 Pro was completely missing from Geoff's show!

Question 7: Will a Dragon's Dogma 2 expansion be announced? (1,220 votes)

52% Yes
48% No


Damn and blast, your first incorrect answer! It was close, but we can't really blame those who voted yes. Before the show, Capcom had promised plural announcements, and Dragon's Dogma 2 featured heavily in the event's promo trailer. Sadly, there was no news on the RPG's future.

Question 8: Will Monster Hunter Wilds get a March 2025 release date? (1,201 votes)

47% Yes
53% No


We're immediately back on track. This was a tough one to predict, as Wilds was confirmed to be at the show long before it began. The 2025 title got a trailer, but no release date.

Question 9: Will a new Final Fantasy project be announced? (1,220 votes)

27% Yes
73% No


Alright, this is going extremely well. You lot didn't give in to the idea of unnecessary hype; Final Fantasy wasn't even mentioned.

Question 10: Will there be a Persona-related announcement? (1,201 votes)

43% Yes
57% No


Again, the Push Square community refuses to give in to the hype. Persona was entirely absent as Atlus focuses its attention on Metaphor: ReFantazio.

Question 11: Will the rumoured LEGO Horizon be announced with a release date? (1,210 votes)

77% Yes
23% No


This is a brutal result. LEGO Horizon Adventures was officially announced — as was heavily rumoured — but it didn't get a release date, just a vague '2024' window.

Question 12: Will Batman appear in a trailer? (1,195 votes)

44% Yes
56% No


No! There was a Batman VR game right there in the show's schedule!

Question 13: Will two or more Hollywood actors appear on stage? (1,181 votes)

65% Yes
35% No


Shockingly, we didn't even get one Hollywood actor on stage at this year's Summer Game Fest. For the record, we voted 'yes' as well.

Question 14: Will Palworld be confirmed for PS5? (1,166 votes)

44% Yes
56% No


This was another tricky question. Palworld has obviously been a huge success on PC and Xbox, and so a PS5 port seems inevitable. But while the objectively weird monster-collecting RPG did put in an appearance, it remains locked to its current platforms.

Question 15: Will Borderlands 4 be announced via a trailer that has a bad remix of a well-known song? (1,167 votes)

68% Yes
32% No


A big pre-show rumour said that a Borderlands 4 reveal was incoming, and that was enough to sell most people on the idea, it seems. The whispered sequel was nowhere to be seen, but we're totally convinced that a reveal would have featured a bad remix of a well-known song.

Question 16: Will Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero get its rumoured October release date? (1,126 votes)

60% Yes
40% No


Nicely done, Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero did indeed get a confirmed October release date.

Question 17: Will Hideo Kojima appear? (1,172 votes)

61% Yes
39% No


A Geoff Keighley event where Hideo Kojima didn't take up most of the runtime? Impossible! But it's true — the Japanese visionary wasn't present during the showcase.

Question 18: Will newly appointed Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Hermen Hulst appear? (1,151 votes)

41% Yes
59% No


No Hideo Kojima, no Hermen Hulst. He's probably too busy.

Question 19: Will a new Resident Evil project be announced? (1,155 votes)

55% Yes
45% No


Just when you needed to hold on to the cynicism that's worked so well up until this point, you throw it away in expectation of Resident Evil. To be fair, there was reason to believe that Resi would have something at Summer Game Fest. Rumours of more remakes and Resident Evil 9 were circling well before the event, but it just wasn't to be.

Question 20: Will Geoff say the word "anime" at any point? (1,154 votes)

78% Yes
22% No


If you can believe it, Geoff didn't utter the word "anime" even once during the show. How very uncultured.

Final Score: 12/20

The first half of the quiz was outstanding. The second half, not so much. Your predictions really fell off a cliff towards the end, but honestly, some of those questions were very, very sneaky. Still, you've beaten your score from The Game Awards, so it's not all doom and gloom!