The Game Awards 2023 Predictions Quiz Results

The Game Awards 2023 is over, and now it's time for the real reason we all tuned in: to find out if the Push Square community correctly predicted Geoff Keighley's big show! As has become tradition, we asked all of you to vote in a 20-question yes or no quiz, in an attempt to try and predict what would happen during The Game Awards 2023.

This year's event served up some genuine surprises, so these results should make for an interesting read...

Just to recap, the community's score for The Game Awards 2022 was 14/20 — which isn't bad at all — but can we top it?

Let's find out!

Question 1: Will Geoff Keighley be wearing a tie when he first appears on stage? (2,102 votes)

52% Yes
48% No


Ooooh, a close one to start us off. Thankfully, Geoff did indeed wear a tie during this year's show. Smartly done.

Question 2: Will a new PlayStation Studios game be announced? (2,105 votes)

56% Yes
44% No


Sadly, we didn't get any brand new game announcements from PlayStation Studios. God of War Ragnarok's getting its free Valhalla DLC, but that doesn't count. Unlucky!

Question 3: Will Marvel's Spider-Man 2 win an award? (2,116 votes)

75% Yes
25% No


Uh oh, we're already dropping points here. Marvel's Spider-Man 2 didn't win a single award on the night, which is perhaps an indication of just how crazy this year has been for top quality games.

Question 4: Will Genshin Impact win the Players' Choice award? (2,043 votes)

28% Yes
72% No


Okay, we're back! Baldur's Gate 3 beat Genshin Impact to the punch for Player's Choice, which is impressive, since the anime-styled adventure was actually dishing out premium currency in exchange for fan votes.

Question 5: Will a new Monster Hunter game be revealed? (2,026 votes)

34% Yes
66% No


Oh ye of little faith... You were wrong, and we couldn't be happier. Monster Hunter Wilds ended up being the big surprise at the end of the show!

Question 6: Will a new Stars Wars game be announced? (2,035 votes)

24% Yes
76% No


We'll admit, you've done well on this one. It feels like some kind of new Star Wars game is announced at every major gaming event — but not this time.

Question 7: Will the first Final Fantasy 16 expansion get an early 2024 release date? (1,987 votes)

50% Yes (990 votes)
50% No (997 votes)


Wow, this is just about as close as it gets — and you managed to get it right. The question specifically asks about the first Final Fantasy 16 expansion, which is out right now. The second is coming in spring next year, which we probably would have counted as 'early 2024'. Well played (just!).

Question 8: Will we see PlayStation boss Jim Ryan at any point during the show? (1,994 votes)

23% Yes
77% No


You were right not to expect much from Uncle Jim — the PlayStation boss was nowhere to be seen during the show.

Question 9: Will Death Stranding 2 get a trailer that lasts more than three minutes? (1,985 votes)

57% Yes
43% No


Shockingly, there was no Death Stranding 2 trailer. Hideo Kojima and surprise guest Jordan Peele rattled on about their other project, OD, for what felt like an eternity instead.

Question 10: Will Diablo 4 win an award? (1,966 votes)

30% Yes
70% No


On the night, Diablo 4 didn't get one award — and you lot saw it coming!

Question 11: Will anyone noticeably outstay their welcome on stage when accepting an award? (1,941 votes)

78% Yes
22% No


This one stings. In an insane twist, no one noticeably outstayed their welcome after picking up an award, because Geoff and the gang pushed them all off stage as soon as possible!

Question 12: Will Hideo Kojima and Geoff Keighley embrace on stage? (1,928 votes)

67% Yes
33% No


Geoff and Hideo did indeed embrace, albeit briefly, after the latter walked on stage to talk about OD. Awwww!

Question 13: Will more than 10 brand new games be announced for PS5 during the main show? (1,932 votes)

40% Yes
60% No


You were unlucky on this one — it was an intentionally tricky question. By our count, more than ten brand new games were announced with PS5 as a confirmed platform, but only just.

Question 14: Will more than three remakes or remasters (for PS5) be announced during the main show? (1,908 votes)

49% Yes
51% No


This may be a controversial decision, but we're going to call this one 'correct'. That's because SEGA announced a bunch of property revivals in one trailer — but we don't know if they're 'remakes' or if they're actually new games. Consider this point an early Christmas present.

Question 15: Will Alan Wake 2 win more than three awards? (1,904 votes)

38% Yes
62% No


You were one award away from getting this prediction wrong. On the night, Alan Wake 2 managed to win exactly three awards.

Question 16: Will anything to do with Borderlands be announced during the main show? (1,851 votes)

29% Yes
71% No


There was no mention of Borderlands at all during the show (some may argue this was a good thing).

Question 17: Will Grand Theft Auto 6 be mentioned in any capacity during the main show? (1,908 votes)

76% Yes
24% No


Shockingly, there was no passing mention of Grand Theft Auto 6 whatsoever, just days after its all-important reveal trailer. We would have voted yes as well!

Question 18: Will Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree get a trailer? (1,878 votes)

62% Yes
38% No


Nope, Elden Ring didn't show up. We can totally understand why most of you voted yes, though, given Geoff's clearly close relationship with FromSoftware. We guess the DLC just isn't ready for the spotlight yet.

Question 19: Will Kratos be mentioned by name at any point during the main show? (1,866 votes)

49% Yes
51% No


This one is brutal. Just over half of you said it wouldn't happen, but it did: Kratos was mentioned by name by none other than Geoff Keighley, following the God of War Ragnarok: Valhalla trailer.

Question 20: Will Baldur's Gate 3 win Game of the Year? (1,960 votes)

85% Yes
15% No


Ahhh, this one was easy! Of course Baldur's Gate 3 won Game of the Year (but still, congrats on calling it).

Final Score: 11/20

You've dropped three points on last year's result, but that's honestly not a bad score considering the craziness of this year's event. And, let's face it, some of those questions were really tricky. We reckon this is a passing grade, and on that note, we hope to see you again in 2024!