Sony has confirmed it's starting 2024 with a bang, as a new State of Play show will see us into the start of February, just as many of the PS5 titles it's struck marketing deals with are set to release. The firm has confirmed over 15 PS5, PSVR2 games will appear within a 45-minute timespan, opening the floodgates to speculation attempting to guess what they might be. With the livestream set for tomorrow night, this article is designed to set your expectations, looking at what we know will be part of the digital showcase and a set of realistic predictions for the unknown quantities.

What We Know: Rise of the Ronin, Stellar Blade

What Can We Expect in the Next State of Play Show? Talking Point 2

In the PlayStation Blog post announcing the State of Play livestream, Sony confirmed two of the games it's classing as first-party releases will be in attendance: Rise of the Ronin and Stellar Blade. We already have a March 2024 release date set for the former while the latter only has a launch window of this year; it seems likely that will change by the event's end. We expect fresh Rise of the Ronin gameplay — perhaps with something new to drop like a PS5 demo — along with a Stellar Blade release date. A launch in April has been floated on the Internet, though that's obviously not been confirmed at the time of writing.

What We Know: PSVR2

What Can We Expect in the Next State of Play Show? Talking Point 3

There will be new PSVR2 games featured in the State of Play tomorrow night, but that's as far as Sony has gone in any detail sharing. There is a rumour floating about of a new Metro title set in VR, which could be revealed for PSVR2. That would make for an exciting moment for the headset, though fans of the device will likely need a bit more to come away satisfied.

What We Probably Know: Death Stranding 2... On the Beach?

What Can We Expect in the Next State of Play Show? Talking Point 4

With Hideo Kojima himself teasing the State of Play show on Instagram, it seems like Death Stranding 2 being part of the show is already a foregone conclusion. The PS5 exclusive hasn't been seen since its announcement in December 2022, during which time it's reportedly picked up the subtitle On the Beach. It seems likely this will be revealed during the State of Play, and given we're so early in the year, perhaps we see a 2024 release window at the very least? Sony doesn't have anything slated beyond March right now, so something needs to fill those gaps.

What We Probably Know: Concord, Until Dawn

What Can We Expect in the Next State of Play Show? Talking Point 5

More rumours from reliable sources suggest multiplayer FPS Concord will be part of the livestream, and so too will a PS5, PC port of PS4 horror classic Until Dawn. The former is apparently revealing gameplay and its characters during the event, while the Supermassive Games title is a bit of an unknown — it's not clear yet whether this is just a simple remaster of a full-on remake. It sounds like all will be revealed during the State of Play.

What We Might Know: Judas, Silent Hill 2, Sonic Generations

What Can We Expect in the Next State of Play Show? Talking Point 6

In classic insider style, a silly little poem has been posted online by someone who claims to be in the know, teasing what will be part of the showcase. They hint at a remaster of Sonic Generations getting announced, a Silent Hill 2 remake re-reveal, and a new look at Ken Levine's (BioShock) next game Judas. We wouldn't put anywhere near as much trust in these claims as the ones above, but they are reveals that would nicely flesh out a State of Play in between the big, in-depth looks dedicated to Rise of the Ronin and Stellar Blade. Anticipate them with caution.

What We Don't Know: The Unknown

What Can We Expect in the Next State of Play Show? Talking Point 7

All of the above would make for a fantastic State of Play showcase, but given nine titles are suggested above and Sony is saying to expect more than 15, it's always the unknown factor that proves the most exciting. Since this isn't a PlayStation Showcase, you shouldn't expect any big first-party experiences like a Ghost of Tsushima 2 or something out of Naughty Dog to be announced. However, this is shaping up to be a meaty State of Play — even if all the above is confirmed, there'll still be more games on top.

Remember to always keep your expectations in check, but the rumblings are this is going to be a bigger State of Play than most, so Sony could have some exciting surprises up its sleeve. There'll likely be a few indie games thrown in there (Little Devil Inside, anyone), but what else? Let's hope the wait has been worth it.

How excited are you for the next State of Play livestream? Do you think Sony has prepped a banger or is everyone going to end up disappointed again? Keep your expectations in check in the comments below.