Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weekend? - Issue 510 1

It's the bleak first week of a New Year. We suppose there's renewed optimism with it being 2024, but the weather sucks and the frivolity of Christmas is in the rear-view mirror. At least there's video games, eh? Here's what we're playing.

Aaron Bayne

After wrapping up God of War Ragnarok: Valhalla during the week, I'm moving on to Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown ahead of its launch in a couple of weeks! I managed to get a couple of hours hands-on with the game a month or so back, so I'm looking forward to diving into the full release.

Jade Sayers

This weekend I’ll be playing LEGO The Incredibles! It’s been sitting in my backlog for so long and seems like the perfect game to ease myself into clearing it down, as it doesn’t require much brainpower and I am fried from Christmas and New Year!

Jamie O'Neill

I've a WAYP specific New Year's resolution to play at least 20 new retro themed games that are released in 2024 — whether it's a modern retro or original retro release, including pixel art games and remasters/ remakes — so I've just blindly bought Guts 'n Grunts, because it released on Friday 5th January, and Cascadia Games' blurb says it's inspired by Contra and Turrican.

Robert Ramsey

I'm going to try and squeeze in a replay of Final Fantasy 7 Remake before Rebirth arrives, just to refresh my perspective on what I think is a fun but flawed revival. Really looking forward to those boss fights, though!

Stephen Tailby

I'll be playing Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown this weekend. I can't say anything else right now, but look forward to our review in due course.

That's how we're welcoming in the New Year, then, but what about the rest of you? Which games are keeping you occupied this very busy January? Let us know in the comments section below.