Ridge Racer Type 4 PS1 PlayStation Sony PS Plus Premium 1

It's a slow WAYP this week as we move into the height of the summer and the busy release season. There are so many games to play right now, though, we're expecting another active comments section.

Sammy Barker

It may be the boring answer, but while I wait for my impending review assignments, I'll be wasting away my time with the latest Honkai: Star Rail update.

Scott McCrae

I still need to catch up on Armored Core 6 and Tears of the Kingdom, so probably Street Fighter 6.

Stephen Tailby

I'll be tying up some loose ends in Sea of Stars, but other than that I have no big plans. I'm sort of in the mood to play those PS Plus Premium Ridge Racer games, so I may keep things super chill and drift through those.

Like we said at the top of the article, it's a short but sweet week from our team this time. Of course, there's still ample opportunity for you to let us know what you're playing in the comments section below.