Tekken 8 What Are You Playing WAYP 1

It's an uneventful weekend really, with the school holidays underway here in the UK, and no notable sporting or cultural events to mention [Whoops, completely forgot about the Women's World Cup - Ed]. We hope you have a chill one!

Aaron Bayne

I didn't even know it existed a few weeks ago, but now I'm going gaga for Remnant 2 which starts its early access this weekend.

Liam Croft

I'm putting my Final Fantasy XVI playthrough on hold so I can play Remnant II and another game for review.

Robert Ramsey

I'll be playing as much of the Tekken 8 closed beta as I can this weekend. So far I've had an absolute blast, and watching Tekken players of all skill levels playing around with the new Heat system is fascinating. There's some serious potential here!

Sammy Barker

Having played an hour or so of The Crew Motorfest closed beta, I'm pretty much sold on the Ubisoft racer, so I'm probably going to beef up my importable car collection while working on The Crew 2's Platinum.

Scott McCrae

I'm away this week so I'll be sitting thinking about playing the Tekken 8 beta I'm missing out on.

Stephen Tailby

I've somehow managed to secure a place in two closed betas this weekend. So, in lieu of whittling down my pile of shame, I'll be taking a look at Tekken 8 and The Crew Motorfest. I'm terrible at fighting games but Tekken has always been the one I'm most comfortable with, so I'm very curious to hop in. As for Motorfest, I've only heard very positive things so far. I wasn't very keen on The Crew 2, so let's see how it fares.

A lot of betas this weekend for the Push Square team, but what's keeping you busy? As always, please share your gaming agenda in the comments section below.