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The sun is out, strawberries and cream are in season, and Wimbledon is on the television. This is peak summer now, and as anticipated, there's no video game news. Go outside and recharge your batteries, the holiday months are looking jam packed.

Jamie O'Neill

I've been enjoying going back to the roots of the Double Dragon series, although my nostalgia is strongest towards the 1987 original, I'm currently finding it more fun to replay the 1988 sequel via Arcade Archives Double Dragon II: The Revenge.

Khayl Adam

While still pursuing the Aliens: Dark Descent Platinum, I’m reactivating my long-in-progress Trails series playthrough. Just need to beat Sky 2nd, 3rd, Cold Steel 4, and Azure to be up to date for Reverie.

Scott McCrae

Another week where I can't say! But I'll hopefully be able to pick The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom back up this week

Stephen Tailby

Having just recently finished watching the brilliant PsychOdyssey documentary, I've made a start on Psychonauts 2, so I'll probably play some of that this weekend. I'm also on a real PowerWash Simulator kick at the moment. I'm nearly done with the main campaign, and looking forward to playing the SpongeBob DLC.

Will you be soaking up some rays this weekend, or closing the curtains and enjoying some gaming? Let us know what you're playing in the comments section below.