Talking Point What Are You Playing This Weekend

Historically, this would be E3 weekend, but things are a lot different these days. Publishers are, generally, spreading out their announcements, and from a PlayStation persuasion we've already had our big showcase. The good news is that the release calendar is outrageously stacked, and even with less gaming news to keep up with, there are simply no shortage of things to play.

Aaron Bayne

There can only be one. After a brutal weekend without internet last week, it's time for me to douse myself in the blood of Diablo 4. I am ready.

Jamie O'Neill

I still have my PlayStation Classic set up from last weekend, so I'll plug and play to be able to sneak away in PS1 Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee.

Khayl Adam

Another weekend, another Diablo 4 session. I've beaten the Campaign with a Barbarian, but I can't crack that Capstone dungeon yet. And so the grind begins...

Scott McCrae

Street Fighter 6 and The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom are likely to take up the majority of my time for the rest of the month, although Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 was on sale on Switch, so probably some of that, too.

Simon Fitzgerald

This weekend I will not be telling any lies…looks down to see his nose grow about an inch…okay maybe I will, but the truth is I’ll be checking out the Lies of P demo that recently released on PS5. When not playing Pinocchio I’ll be jumping back into Diablo 4 as a sorcerer.

Stephen Tailby

After Summer Game Fest, I'm very keen to check out a couple of playable demos. First up is Viewfinder, that brain-bending puzzler about taking photos and converting them into 3D spaces. I'm really looking forward to checking that out. Then there's Lies of P, the Bloodborne-esque action game that looks super promising.

So, then, that's everything that's keeping us busy this weekend, but what about you? You know the drill: let us know in the comments section below.