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A nervy day awaits at Push Square Towers, as England prepare for their quarter final clash against current world champions France. A fair nails will be bitten today, we daresay.

Sammy Barker, Editor

I'm trying to clear out my reviews so I can have a clean run at some Christmas tasks I need to clean out, but Marvel's Midnight Suns is a monster of a game. I'll push through several more hours of that this weekend, between the two World Cup quarter finals.

Liam Croft, Assistant Editor

I'm wrapping up the God of War Ragnarok Platinum Trophy and continuing my Marvel's Midnight Suns playthrough.

Annette Magaña, Reviewer

I'm catching up with playing a few more of this year's releases so I am going to give Tactics Ogre Reborn a go.

Brett Posner-Ferdman, Reviewer

As this year’s Game Awards comes to a close, I wanted to take the last few weeks of the year to check out some of the more notable releases I didn’t quite get to this year. So, this weekend I’ve finally picked up Tunic, and am looking forward to giving it a try!

Simon Fitzgerald, Reviewer

This weekend I’ll be checking out the newly released demo for Forspoken. It has intrigued me from its trailers but I’m still on the fence, hopefully the demo can win me over. Other than that, I still have to wrap up the platinum in God of War Ragnarok.

Quite a lot of input from our team this weekend, and with the weather so grim, we're hoping for a similarly stacked comments section to match. What are you playing this weekend?