Sonic Mania PS5 PlayStation 5 1

It's been an incredibly slow week compared to the last one, even if the promise of major PlayStation announcements never really occurred. The release schedule has also calmed to a crawl, but we'll always have our backlogs to turn to.

Sammy Barker, Editor

I remembered recently that, despite enjoying what I played of it, I never got more than a couple of levels into Sonic Mania. Realistically, I'll probably spend this weekend on MLB The Show 22, but I wouldn't mind finally working my way through the Blue Blur's relatively recent outing.

Liam Croft, Assistant Editor

I'm still working my way through Horizon Forbidden West, which is still consistently great but isn't impressing me quite as much as I hoped just yet.

Jamie O'Neill, Reviewer

A combination of chatting with Sammy about a buffet of PS4 retro games, alongside a bargain £4.89 price at 50% off in the PS Store's Spring Sale, led to me buying Zombies Ate My Neighbors and Ghoul Patrol. Admittedly, I became impatient with my physical order currently being at Limited Run Games' warehouse, but I don't mind supporting retro compilations by purchasing them twice.

What's keeping you busy this weekend, then? As always, you know the drill, so let us know in the comments section below.