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Wow! Is there really only a week until Christmas? It felt like it was ages away and now suddenly here it is, right on top of us, like a New York Yankees baseball cap or something. This author only just got around to opening the first window on his advent calendar yesterday, so you know what that means: a hearty helping of Dairy Milk this weekend.

Sammy Barker, Editor

I started Deathloop. I’m too early to draw any opinions on it really, but my first impression is that Arkane probably wanted to make a game without much instruction but focus-testing told them that wasn’t going to fly so they put objective markers literally everywhere you look. Hm.

Robert Ramsey, Deputy Editor

I'm actually really looking forward to trying out the DNF Duel beta this weekend. I hope the gameplay's good, because the character designs look fantastic. In between bouts, I'll probably be continuing my quest to finish Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning. Hopefully I can get to the new Fatesworn DLC and have a review ready for next week.

Stephen Tailby, Associate Editor

I’m not really in the mood for much at the moment, if I’m being honest. I would like to give Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon a fair shake, as it seems like something I’d enjoy. Besides that, I’ll probably play some light stuff like Rocket League or Knockout City in between Christmassy things.

Graham Banas, Reviewer

Having finally secured an Xbox Series X (and of course, Game Pass) my backlog has just about quadrupled. I almost have too many games now, so when trying to pick what to play, I freeze up! But I am at long last playing the new Ratchet & Clank, and having an Xbox once again means I once more have access to my hundreds of DLC Rock Band songs. Happy days!

Jamie O’Neill, Reviewer

I'm either going to ship Eivor over to the Isle of Skye for the new A Fated Encounter crossover in PS5 Assassin's Creed Valhalla, or I'll stay in Ravensthorpe, because the midwinter snow looks so festive for the Yule Festival.

So, what will you be playing this weekend? Anything is better than wrapping presents, surely, right? How do people even do that? Let us know below. (What you’re playing, not how to wrap presents. Obvs.)