PlayStation Showcase Predictions Quiz
Image: Push Square

As is Push Square tradition, we simply must publish a big old predictions quiz ahead of this week's PlayStation Showcase. If you haven't taken part in one of these before, it's basically just a list of yes or no questions that the community votes on as a whole. When the PlayStation Showcase is over, we'll revisit the quiz results to see just how accurate everyone's predictions turned out to be.

We've got a bumper 30 questions for you to answer this time around, to make up for the fact that we've been waiting on a PlayStation Showcase for what feels like an eternity. Some questions are pretty straightforward, while others will, quite simply, be a pain in the arse to predict.

So, without further ado, it's time to try and predict the PlayStation Showcase. Good luck!

Question 1: Will Jim Ryan appear? (3,263 votes)

  1. Yes79%
  2. No21%

Question 2: Will the rumoured Metal Gear Solid 3 remake be revealed? (3,266 votes)

  1. Yes72%
  2. No28%

Question 3: Will a Persona game be announced? (3,191 votes)

  1. Yes29%
  2. No71%

Question 4: Will Marvel's Spider-Man 2 get an October 2023 release date? (3,217 votes)

  1. Yes69%
  2. No31%

Question 5: Will we see Marvel's Wolverine gameplay? (3,228 votes)

  1. Yes30%
  2. No70%

Question 6: Will Mortal Kombat 1 gameplay be shown? (3,171 votes)

  1. Yes58%
  2. No42%

Question 7: Will Neil Druckmann appear? (3,129 votes)

  1. Yes56%
  2. No44%

Question 8: Will more than five minutes of gameplay from The Last of Us' multiplayer project be shown? (3,113 votes)

  1. Yes45%
  2. No55%

Question 9: Will the Final Fantasy XVI demo be released right after the showcase ends? (3,028 votes)

  1. Yes73%
  2. No27%

Question 10: Will Death Stranding 2 gameplay be shown? (3,034 votes)

  1. Yes50%
  2. No50%

Question 11: Will any kind of Sly Cooper game be announced? (2,986 votes)

  1. Yes7%
  2. No93%

Question 12: Will a sequel to Ghost of Tsushima be announced? (3,015 votes)

  1. Yes47%
  2. No53%

Question 13: Will Shuhei Yoshida appear? (2,848 votes)

  1. Yes43%
  2. No57%

Question 14: Will Little Devil Inside get a release date? (2,802 votes)

  1. Yes39%
  2. No61%

Question 15: Will a new Twisted Metal game be announced? (2,793 votes)

  1. Yes56%
  2. No44%

Question 16: Will there be any kind of update on PS Plus? (2,823 votes)

  1. Yes55%
  2. No45%

Question 17: Will Rogue Legacy 2 be given a PlayStation release date? (2,625 votes)

  1. Yes24%
  2. No76%

Question 18: Will more than ten PSVR2 games be shown? (2,734 votes)

  1. Yes29%
  2. No71%

Question 21: Will a sequel to Monster Hunter World be announced? (2,514 votes)

  1. Yes30%
  2. No70%

Question 22: Will Dragon's Dogma 2 show up in any capacity? (2,464 votes)

  1. Yes23%
  2. No77%

Question 23: Will Pragmata reappear? (2,452 votes)

  1. Yes48%
  2. No52%

Question 24: Will a guest character be revealed for Tekken 8? (2,430 votes)

  1. Yes50%
  2. No50%

Question 25: Will Killzone be mentioned? (2,510 votes)

  1. Yes19%
  2. No81%

Question 26: Will Aloy from the Horizon games talk at any point during the showcase? (2,483 votes)

  1. Yes27%
  2. No73%

Question 27: Will new a new PS5 model be teased and / or revealed? (2,579 votes)

  1. Yes40%
  2. No60%

Question 28: Will a new Uncharted project be present? (2,540 votes)

  1. Yes40%
  2. No60%

Question 29: Will a completely new PlayStation Studios IP be announced? (2,546 votes)

  1. Yes89%
  2. No11%

Question 30: Will a Bloodborne remake / remaster be announced? (2,584 votes)

  1. Yes40%
  2. No60%

Now that you've had your say, let us know how you voted in the comments section below!