Remnant 2 PS5

Right about now, reviews of Remnant II will be hitting the Internet. Following up on the impressive original, this sequel is all set to expand and improve upon what Gunfire Games achieved four years ago. However, we need more time to judge the game's quality and come to an accurate conclusion. We won't have a PS5 review to coincide with today's embargo.

Late last week, we were kindly offered access to the PC version (which is what today's reviews will be based on), but it's our policy to review games on native PlayStation hardware. We got access to the PS5 version of Remnant II on Tuesday morning, and two evenings of play isn't anywhere near enough time to see the game through to the end credits. As such, we're aiming to have a full PS5 review published on the game's official release date: 25th July 2023.

If the reviews from other outlets are enough to convince you to buy the game and you opt for the Ultimate Edition, which grants three days of early access from this weekend, then we're at least happy to report the PS5 version runs smoothly. There are some strange visual glitches in almost every cutscene, but Remnant II runs smoothly during gameplay on the Balanced Performance Mode, which targets 60fps. Based on what we've played, you can safely buy the PS5 version and not have to worry about significant problems under the hood.

Are you interested in Remnant II? Have today's reviews from other websites convinced you to buy the game? Share your thoughts in the comments below.