It’s been a big year for PlayStation – many would argue a vintage year, in fact. While the selection of first-party software from Sony has been a little on the light side, third-parties have more than picked up the slack, producing bangers like Baldur’s Gate 3, Alan Wake 2, and so, so, so much more. As has become something of a Push Square tradition, we’ll be spending the Christmas months recapping our favourites, from today right through to New Year’s Day. (And honestly a little bit beyond that, too.)

We pride ourselves on producing a festive Game of the Year fiesta to keep you occupied while you’re chomping down on leftover turkey, and that’s no different this year. In addition to our esteemed team’s personal picks, we’ve also got a cavalcade of individual categories, as well as our overall top ten – voted for by our editors and the community alike. We’ve always wanted to keep you, the readers, included in our top ten – and that remains true this year as well. Hopefully you enjoy reading through the results.

In the meantime, our video editor Aaron has produced a brilliant video recapping all the best PlayStation games from 2023, and we’ve embedded that above to whet your appetite for the main course. Which game do you reckon has got Game of the Year in the bag? Pick a winner in the comments section below.