Unicorn Overlord Previews

New previews for upcoming RPG Unicorn Overlord have landed, and they're very, very positive overall. For those out of the loop, this is the latest project from 13 Sentinels and Dragon's Crown developer Vanillaware, and once again it's diving into something different, this time trying its hand at Fire Emblem-style, character-driven strategy.

All of the previews we've read heap praise on the game's interlocking RPG systems, as you gather allies for your army, level them up, and carve a path across a world map. It really does sound like this could be a top-shelf strategy title — and Vanillaware's trademark, painterly art style makes for a lovely looking release.

Take a look at these quotes from said previews, and then let us know if you're looking forward to Unicorn Overlord in the comments section below.

Nintendo Life

"Unicorn Overlord has the potential to be something really special. It’s an SRPG playground full of systems where you can tinker with so many different options, and we’re confident that genre fans will lose tons of hours trying out everything they can. We’re pretty sure we will, too."


"Unicorn Overlord is shaping up to be an excellent strategy-RPG. The game has a gorgeous, timeless look thanks to the vivid overworld and impressive animation. The strategic gameplay is a departure from the developer’s action-focused norm, but Vanillaware seems to rise to the challenge with a combat system that is ready for testing and theory crafting."


"If I'm being completely honest, the most disappointing part of playing Unicorn Overlord, the only real sticking point as I look back on my brief time with it, is that I had to stop."


"After some admirable but often repetitive strategy and tactics RPGs in recent years (mostly from Square Enix), Unicorn Overlord is shaping up to be a fresh entry into the genre with Vanillaware’s flair for style acting as the cherry on top."


"Unicorn Overlord already looks like one of 2024’s must-play RPGs – and it’s up against some stiff competition. For anyone that’s got even a remote interest in tactics games or fantasy themes, you can’t afford to pass this one up."