Cult Of The Lamb PS5 PS4

The hotly anticipated indie game Cult of the Lamb is now available to purchase and download on the PS Store, having just unlocked following its pre-order phase. You can pick the rogue-like turned management sim up for £19.99/$24.99, which represents a good deal if the pre-release reviews are anything to go by. The PC version commands a Metacritic rating of 84, with PS5 review code set to be distributed today. We'll have our own verdict to share as soon as possible.

In the meantime, we've posted a selection of reviews for you to read below. If you just wanted to get started on building your cult, though, then the game's ready and waiting for you now.

GameSpot - 9/10

All of these elements come together to solidify Cult of the Lamb as a standout title in both the roguelike and simulation genres, as well as a one-of-a-kind entry that exists in the middle of them. Whether you are exploring the dungeons or expanding your cult, the experience is enjoyable, challenging, and more than a bit demented. With how surprisingly dense each of these parts are, the fact that all the pieces come together as smoothly as they do is a triumph.

Destructoid - 8.5/10

I’m a big fan of roguelite action games and city builders, but even if you’re on the mild side, Cult of the Lamb is a winning combo. It draws many of the best aspects of those genres, places them in a one-of-a-kind world, and charts its own condensed course. The result is hard to put down. Despite the morbid subject matter and potential for player fatigue, this is such an easy game to recommend to a wide audience. Go on, spread the good word.

PC Gamer - 8.2/10

Unlike anything else, and able to meld its two disparate halves into something cohesive and satisfying. You won’t feel fleeced if you buy this.

IGN - 8/10

Cult of the Lamb is as adorable as it is unsettling, an eclectic mix of genres and themes that come together extremely well. Its combat is immensely satisfying even if its short runs and the relative lack of variety between them doesn’t give it the lasting appeal of other action roguelikes, and building my very own cult base and tending to a flock of followers was just as fun as any swing of the axe. I may not revisit it now that the credits have rolled, but Cult of the Lamb is something altogether different that I had an absolute blast playing.

Game Informer - 8/10

In the post-game cleanup, I’m only now engaging with the aesthetic-serving aspects of Cult of the Lamb. I’m finally making my cult feel like mine and not one I’m sure every other player will at some point make to cultivate as many resources as possible. I only wished I had felt this earlier in my 19-hour journey. Still, everything I did leading up to it, from the fast-paced dungeon combat that never grew stale to the factory-like base building that nailed the stress of resource management, was enough and then some to keep me engaged and indoctrinated.

Eurogamer - Recommended

Being a cult leader in this funny old game, then, is a little bit like being a game designer, I imagine. It's complex on certain levels, and to use the lovely vivid cliche, you're herding cats quite a lot. But really you're trying to arrange happiness for people. The only difference is that as a cult leader, if they don't become happy on cue, you can cook them and eat them.

Polygon - Recommended

Regardless of the cult you choose to create, it will revolve around consumption, worship, and sacrifice. Everything you do, you do for more power and more control. While you, the lamb, serve as a pleasant and obvious irony, Cult of the Lamb begs the question as to what kind of leader you will be. Will you lead your flock to ruin? Will you allow them a false autonomy from the shackles of the religion you’ve cultivated over hours of laborious work? Or will you bring them to the slaughter, becoming the very god you attacked and dethroned?

Are these positive reviews enough to convince you to buy Cult of the Lamm today? Let us know in the comments below.