Cocoon Is Incredible Preview 1

We could have uploaded this preview as a headline alone, but then we don't think Push Square users would appreciate a three-word article. Cocoon is absolutely incredible, and it is easily the best thing we played at Summer Game Fest Play Days. Beating out heavyweights like Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty, Mortal Kombat 1, and Sonic Superstars, it's our Game of the Show. Cocoon will be something special when it hits PS5, PS4 — the opening 45 minutes confirm as much.

From Danish studio Geometric Interactive, the team made up of former Playdead (Limbo, Inside) leads has a top-down experience for the ages in its hands. You play as a small beetle that can carry and transport entire worlds on its back, and you will use them to solve puzzles across multiple layers. Immensely satisfying and gripping, it demands attention without ever saying a word.

The concept isn't the easiest to explain, but essentially, you're able to dive into orbs and solve environmental puzzles inside them. Once the task is complete or you've made enough meaningful progress, you can jump back out into a wider universe and carry the sphere on your back. The orb — containing a whole world — can then be used to solve other puzzles in this bigger space; for example, it can be placed on floor panels to activate bridges leading to even more worlds to dive into. As the opening sequence progresses, puzzles ramp up in difficulty, introducing more orbs to explore and bring back into the main area for puzzle solving.

It's really something you need to try for yourself to fully understand what Cocoon is doing, but it's an utterly captivating experience with so many aha moments in its opening act alone. The fact there are so many more hours to go after our demo instantly makes it one of the PS5, PS4 games we're most excited about right now. We're confident the title will join the upper echelons of the indie scene, with the likes of Hollow Knight and the very games Geometric Interactive helped create.

Cocoon Is Incredible Preview 5

The puzzles themselves aren't particularly complex — at least in the initial 45 minutes — but there's such a captivating nature to it all that it hardly matters. Cocoon isn't meant to be a game that frustrates you for hours on end, but rather a journey with minor roadblocks that can be overcome with just a bit of thinking. As such, you're always in the mood for more from this mysterious world. With a beautiful art style to boot, it's a setting you can appreciate visually just as much as you can conceptually.

As long as Cocoon builds upon its ideas in the hours that follow its SGF Play Days demo, it'll be competing for awards no matter what year it releases. Hopefully, a public demo will be released at some point, but please trust us on this one: Cocoon is incredible.

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