The game Awards 2023 Predictions Quiz
Image: Push Square

We're just over 24 hours away from The Game Awards 2023 at the time of writing, and as has become an annual tradition, we once again invite you to take part in our Predictions Quiz. For those of you who may be new to the concept, we all answer a series of yes or no questions as a community, in an attempt to try and predict what will happen during Geoff Keighley's event. Then, once the show is over, we post the results of the quiz and have a good laugh about all the stuff we got completely wrong.

Although to be fair, the Push Square community did quite well last year, correctly predicting 14 out of 20 happenings. But we can beat that score this time around, right? Of course we can!

Let's get on with it, then. Below, you'll find 20 yes or no questions, each one of them predicting something that could happen at The Game Awards. Answer each question to the best of your predictive abilities, and your choice will be tallied up along with everyone else's. The results will be posted in a separate article next week.

Good luck — you might need it!

Question 1

Will Geoff Keighley be wearing a tie when he first appears on stage? (2,104 votes)

  1. Yes52%
  2. No48%

Question 2

Will a new PlayStation Studios game be announced? (2,104 votes)

  1. Yes56%
  2. No44%

Question 3

Will Marvel's Spider-Man 2 win an award? (2,115 votes)

  1. Yes75%
  2. No25%

Question 4

Will Genshin Impact win the Players' Choice award? (2,042 votes)

  1. Yes28%
  2. No72%

Question 5

Will a new Monster Hunter game be revealed? (2,025 votes)

  1. Yes34%
  2. No66%

Question 6

Will a new Stars Wars game be announced? (2,034 votes)

  1. Yes24%
  2. No76%

Question 7

Will the first Final Fantasy 16 expansion get an early 2024 release date? (1,986 votes)

  1. Yes50%
  2. No50%

Question 8

Will we see PlayStation boss Jim Ryan at any point during the show? (1,993 votes)

  1. Yes23%
  2. No77%

Question 9

Will Death Stranding 2 get a trailer that lasts more than three minutes? (1,983 votes)

  1. Yes57%
  2. No43%

Question 10

Will Diablo 4 win an award? (1,964 votes)

  1. Yes30%
  2. No70%

Question 11

Will anyone noticeably outstay their welcome on stage when accepting an award? (1,939 votes)

  1. Yes78%
  2. No22%

Question 12

Will Hideo Kojima and Geoff Keighley embrace on stage? (1,927 votes)

  1. Yes67%
  2. No33%

Question 13

Will more than 10 brand new games be announced for PS5 during the main show? (1,931 votes)

  1. Yes40%
  2. No60%

Question 14

Will more than three remakes or remasters (for PS5) be announced during the main show? (1,907 votes)

  1. Yes49%
  2. No51%

Question 15

Will Alan Wake 2 win more than three awards? (1,903 votes)

  1. Yes38%
  2. No62%

Question 16

Will anything to do with Borderlands be announced during the main show? (1,849 votes)

  1. Yes29%
  2. No71%

Question 17

Will Grand Theft Auto 6 be mentioned in any capacity during the main show? (1,906 votes)

  1. Yes76%
  2. No24%

Question 18

Will Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree get a trailer? (1,877 votes)

  1. Yes62%
  2. No38%

Question 19

Will Kratos be mentioned by name at any point during the main show? (1,865 votes)

  1. Yes49%
  2. No51%

Question 20

Will Baldur's Gate 3 win Game of the Year? (1,959 votes)

  1. Yes85%
  2. No15%