Summer Game Fest 2024 Predictions Quiz
Image: Push Square

We're just hours away from another big gaming event — and you know what that means. As has become tradition, we present to you our latest Push Square predictions quiz, featuring 20 yes or no questions about the imminent Summer Game Fest Live Showcase.

If you don't know how this works, allow us to explain. Through these quizzes, we invite the entire Push Square community to try and predict things that could happen during an upcoming event. From game announcements to stupid little details, you'll need to think carefully about each question, as results are based on the community as a whole.

When Summer Game Fest is done and dusted, the results of this quiz will be published in a separate article — and we'll see whether you lot managed to predict the happenings of Geoff Keighley's showcase.

Just to be clear, all of these questions relate directly to the actual Summer Game Fest Live Showcase — the main, two-hour livestream — and not the other events that are happening over the weekend. So please keep that in mind when casting your votes!

Good luck, everyone.

Question 1

Will host Geoff Keighley be wearing primarily white sneakers?

Question 2

Will another Astro Bot trailer be shown?

Question 3

Will Dragon Age: The Veilguard (formerly Dreadwolf) get a release date ahead of its gameplay reveal next week?

Question 4

Will three or more Xbox-owned games be announced for PS5?

Question 5

Will BioShock 4 be revealed?

Question 6

Will the PS5 Pro be mentioned in any capacity?

Question 7

Will a Dragon's Dogma 2 expansion be announced?

Question 8

Will Monster Hunter Wilds get a March 2025 release date?

Question 9

Will a new Final Fantasy project be announced?

Question 10

Question 11

Will the rumoured LEGO Horizon be announced with a release date?

Question 12

Will Batman appear in a trailer?

Question 13

Will two or more Hollywood actors appear on stage?

Question 14

Will Palworld be confirmed for PS5?

Question 15

Will Borderlands 4 be announced via a trailer that has a bad remix of a well-known song?

Question 16

Will Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero get its rumoured October release date?

Question 17

Will Hideo Kojima appear?

Question 18

Will newly appointed Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Hermen Hulst appear?

Question 19

Will a new Resident Evil project be announced?

Question 20

Will Geoff say the word "anime" at any point?