The Game Awards 2022 Poll

The Game Awards 2022 is just over 24 hours away, and we want to know if you'll be tuning into Geoff Keighley's annual bonanza.

Over the last few years, Geoff and his team have managed to expand the event beyond its original vision. What started out as a still relatively niche celebration of gaming has evolved into a huge end-of-year showpiece. And, like or not, it's probably here to stay, barring any drastic industry shifts.

In a gaming landscape where live E3-style press conferences have all but died out, The Game Awards feels more like 'the big one' with each passing year. But that's not to say everyone's a fan of Geoff's creation. The event has often been criticised for its Hollywood-esque approach, and the fact that, really, it's less of an actual awards show and more of a giant advertising reel. Plus, recent incarnations have been incredibly long, with 2021's broadcast in particular clocking in at over three hours.

But hey, that's The Game Awards! So, will you be watching? Vote in our polls, and then tell us of your plans in the comments section below.

Will you be watching The Game Awards 2022?
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