Trails into Reverie Review Score Poll
Image: Push Square

Calling all Trails fans: we need your help. As regular readers may know, we have our own Best Trails Games guide, which ranks each title in Falcom's RPG series, and it's all user rated. With that in mind, we need some ratings for the latest game, Trails into Reverie — and that's why we've constructed this poll.

Now, without wanting to sway your opinion, the newest adventure was awarded a 'great' 8/10 in our own Trails into Reverie PS5 review. We loved its in-depth RPG systems and its overall tone, writing: "Trails into Reverie is an all-star excursion that feels like one big franchise festival".

But what review score would you give Reverie? We'll soon be adding it to the aforementioned Trails list, so give it a rating in our poll, and then explain yourself in the comments section below.

What score would you give Trails into Reverie (PS5)?

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