Sonic Frontiers Review Score Poll

Sonic Frontiers has been on the market for about a week or so now, and at least from our perspective, the reception has been reasonably positive. Even shockingly positive, some might argue, for what is the latest entry in a long line of critically panned 3D Sonic games.

We really enjoyed the open world adventure, as per our Sonic Frontiers PS5 review. Awarding the title a very respectable 8/10, we concluded: "By no means is it perfect, but this is exactly the injection of life the franchise needed after the misstep of Forces, and it's the freshest Sonic has felt since Adventure first hit the shelves."

Indeed, we've seen more than a few people say that Sonic Frontiers could well be one of the Blue Blur's best, but what do you think? Rate the game for yourself in our poll, and then explain your stance in the comments section below.

What score would you give Sonic Frontiers (PS5)?

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