What Review Score Would You Give Rollerdrome? Poll 1

10 days on from Roll7's second PS5, PS4 release of 2022, it's time to have your say on Rollerdrome. The futuristic blood sport asks you to rack up high scores by taking out goons and performing tricks and grinds in-between. We had a really great time with the title, awarding it an 8/10 in our PS5 review.

We concluded in our Rollerdrome PS5 review: "Roll7 has crafted a short but supremely sweet experience that feels incredible to engage with. No matter whether you're performing tricks or blasting enemies, its addictive loop will have you coming back for more. Complemented by a phenomenal, colourful art style and a real sense of speed, flow, and motion, Rollerdrome rivals the very best Tony Hawk's Pro Skater games."

Now it's time to see if you agree with our verdict. Share your own review score by voting in the poll below and then expand on your thoughts in the comments section. The score you select will also help to place Rollerdrome in our Best PS5 Games guides, so it may appear in a few of them going forward.

What score would you give Rollerdrome (PS5)?

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