Lies of P Review Score Poll

It feels like Lies of P has managed to stand out in an increasingly bloated subgenre. Souls-likes are everywhere these days, and developers know that they need to craft something pretty special if their project is to compare favourably to FromSoftware's elite action RPGs. South Korea's Round8 Studio should pat itself on the back, then, because Lies of P seems to be a hit.

"Lies of P feels like the result of a developer having already taken multiple stabs at the Souls-like genre, so it's impressive that Round8 Studio has accomplished so much on its first attempt," reads our Lies of P PS5 review. "Elevating it above other games are quality combat and extensive, satisfying customisation, turning Lies of P into a first-class experience for FromSoftware fanatics," we concluded, awarding the atmospheric adventure a 'great' 8/10.

But we want to know what review score you would give Lies of P. Has it scratched that Souls-like itch? Or is it a pale imitation of better games? Give it a score of your own in our poll, and then dare to explain yourself in the comments section below.

What score would you give Lies of P (PS5)?

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