Gotham Knights PS5

Now the dust has somewhat settled on Gotham Knights following a very interesting release period, it is time for you to share what review score you'd give it. Presuming you've at least played its opening hours, how are you feeling about the open worlder one week after launch? The latest Push Square poll is designed to sample that exact question.

As a reminder, we handed the game a 7/10, concluding: "What Warner Bros. Games Montreal has here is an excellent story with top-notch cutscene direction and a fun combat system, with too many needless and confusing mechanics bolted on top. If you can look past them, there's a genuinely great game here. We recommend trying your best to do so; you'll find a compelling narrative on the other side."

We shared praise for its great story, fun combat system, enjoyable detective mechanics, and good co-op integration in our Gotham Knights PS5 review. What do you think, though? Do you agree with our assessment? Reckon it's much better or far worse? Assign a review score in the poll below and then expand on your thoughts in the comments below. Don't forget your rating will filter into our Best PS5 Games lists, meaning it may appear in a relevant list should it accrue enough high scores.

What score would you give Gotham Knights (PS5)?

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