Dead Island 2 Review Score Poll

Dead Island 2 has been shuffling around PS5 and PS4 for over a week now, and so it's time to find out what you lot think about this latest zombie-smushing title. It's fair to say that we've been waiting on this one for a while — the project itself was rebooted multiple times after its initial reveal all the way back in... 2014?! — but at least based on critic reviews, the wait has been mostly worth it.

We gave the bloody action game a solid 7/10 in our Dead Island 2 PS5 review. We called it "a refreshing surprise amid the 2023 release roster", praising its crunchy combat and level design. "While we suspect some will be disappointed by the game's size after all these years, we found it utterly revitalising to find a AAA experience that respects your time, and more importantly doesn't overstay its welcome," we concluded.

So what review score would you give Dead Island 2? Rank the game for yourself in our poll, and then tell us why in the comments section below.

What score would you give Dead Island 2 (PS5)?

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