What Review Score Would You Give Alan Wake 2? Poll

One of the most well-received PS5 titles of the year, Alan Wake 2 has now been available on the PS Store for one week. In true Push Square fashion, that means it is time for you to share your own review score and allow us to place it in our lists of the Best PS5 Games.

We awarded the game a very rare 10/10 score in our Alan Wake 2 PS5 review, sharing lots of praise for its atmosphere, story, presentation, and creativity. We only had smaller gripes with the enemy variety and some obscure puzzles. "With stunning visuals, pitch-perfect tone and atmosphere, brilliant pacing, and a fascinating mystery to sink your teeth into, there are no twists or turns about it: Alan Wake 2 is an all-timer," we concluded.

Now we've had our say, it's time for you to share your own. Place a vote in our poll below, selecting the review score you would assign to Alan Wake 2, which will form an overall rating based on community votes. You can then expand on your thoughts in the comments below.

What score would you give Alan Wake 2 (PS5)?

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