What Game Should Capcom Remake Next? Poll
Image: Push Square

Capcom's latest remake, Resident Evil 4, has finally released on PS5, PS4. Perhaps the biggest one to date, it's the firm's third remake in four years. It clearly has a knack for doing them successfully at this point, but the quality of the Resident Evil series dropping somewhat after this fourth instalment, where do you think it should go with the initiative next? What game should Capcom remake next?

If it chooses to stick with Resident Evil, then Resident Evil 5 is, of course, the next one up in terms of numbering. Since that's a more modern game, though — and bringing back Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 was all about removing the constraints of the PS1 from those experiences — then Resident Evil Code: Veronica X still remains a viable candidate. It was originally launched for the SEGA Dreamcast in 2000 before being ported to PS2, where it retained the gameplay style of past entries. Handing it a remake would feel just as substantial as Resident Evil 2 and its sequel.

Alternatively, the Japanese publisher could continue its remaking efforts outside of the Resident Evil franchise. Classics like Dino Crisis and Onimusha are always in demand, and it's been a while since anything was done with the Breath of Fire series. A Lost Planet remake, anyone? There are also the Dead Rising games; a franchise that still holds so much potential if done right.

Capcom could follow a number of different avenues, but what game do you want Capcom to remake next? Place your vote in our poll, and expand on your choice in the comments below.

What game should Capcom remake next? (4,367 votes)

  1. Breath of Fire3%
  2. Dead Rising3%
  3. Dino Crisis28%
  4. Lost Planet2%
  5. Onimusha5%
  6. Resident Evil (1996)12%
  7. Resident Evil 02%
  8. Resident Evil 511%
  9. Resident Evil Code: Veronica X29%
  10. Other (let us know in the comments)2%
  11. I don't think Capcom should remake anymore games3%